ODSC East is less than a week away! Be sure to join us there to learn new job-ready skills and learn about cutting-edge developments in data science and AI. Check out a few of our upcoming sessions below. 

Confidential Data Computing and Collaboration for Data Scientists

Raluca Ada Popa, PhD|Associate Professor, Co-Founder Berkeley|PreVeil, Opaque Systems

Collaborating with different teams and sharing data is often complicated by privacy and confidentiality concerns. In this session, you will learn about the open-source platform, MC2, which allows you to encrypt data and have data scientists run analytics without needing to decrypt it or access it. 

Bringing AI to Retail and Fast Food with Taipy’s Applications

Florian Jacta|Customer Success Manager|Taipy 

Albert Vu | Customer Success Manager, Quantitative Analyst | Taipy, MSTS

This session will cover some of the biggest challenges that developers of AI applications face and how Taipy can help address them. You’ll look at two use cases: a cash flow prediction application and a sales prediction app. 

Secrets of Successful AI Projects

Pedro Domingos, PhD|Professor Emeritus|University of Washington

The number of AI projects are ever-increasing, but many of them still fail. In this talk, you learn about best practices for developing successful AI projects. Topics covered include

  • What current AI is and is not good for
  • The difference between a demo and a product
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Organizing AI teams
  • Maximizing the intelligence of human + machine
  • Harnessing the whole organization
  • Understanding the AI ecosystem
  • Staying ahead of the AI innovation curve

Unlock the Power of Data Science for Real Change: A Blueprint for Decision Intelligence

Joe Dery, PhD|VP & Dean, Data Analytics|Western Governors University

This session will examine the important role of decision intelligence workflows in driving business value. Topics covered include the building blocks of the workflows and best practices for inducing decision-makers to act. 

Infuse Generative AI in your apps using Azure OpenAI Service

Eve Psalti|Principal Group Program Manager|Microsoft 

Join this talk to learn how Azure OpenAI Service businesses can help you apply cutting-edge  AI models (Dall-E 3, GPT-3.5, Codex, and ChatGPT) to applications like creating personalized marketing text, summarizing long-form reports, and conversational AI. 

How Does Automation Impact Feature Discovery?

Dr. Aaron Cheng |VP of Data Science |DotData 

This session will explore how automated feature engineering technology can help organizations prepare their data for AI and machine learning applications. In this way, your organization will be ready for larger-scale adoption of AI and machine learning. 

Data Science Software Acceleration at the Edge

Audrey Reznik Guidera|Sr. Principal Software Engineer|Red Hat 

Traditional approaches to accelerating software can be a challenge at the edge. This session will explore the current state of model training and execution at the edge, as well as acceleration alternatives in data augmentation and data curation strategies, containerized models, and applications. 

Unlocking the Power of Large Language Models: Why Owning Your Own Model is Critical—and Within Reach

Hagay Lupesko | VP Engineering | MosaicML

Jay Jackson | VP AI/ML | Oracle

Join this session to explore why training, deploying, and owning your own LLM is essential for an organization. You will learn strategies for training and deploying your own models,  while protecting your data and your business IP.

MLOps in the Era of Generative AI

Yaron Haviv|Co-Founder & CTO|Iguazio 

This talk will cover some of the operational challenges that are brought up by ChatGPT and Generative AI in general. Challenges include massive amounts of data, complex pipelines, extensive testing, and more. You’ll also explore the MLOps orchestration best practices and new technologies that will help address some of these challenges. 

Transforming Drug Discovery Using Digital Biology

Daphne Koller, PhDCEO and Founderinsitro

In this session, you will explore how high-content data and cutting-edge machine learning methods can be used to make predictions about novel targets, coherent patient segments, and the clinical effect of molecules, thereby lessening the cost and difficulty of developing new therapeutics. 

NLP with GPT-4 and other LLMs: From Training to Deployment with Hugging Face and PyTorch Lightning

Dr. Jon Krohn|Chief Data Scientist|Nebula.io

Join this session for an overview of LLMs, from the basics of what they are capable of to how to get value from them. This session comprises 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Large Language Models
  • Module 2: The Breadth of LLM Capabilities
  • Module 3: Training and Deploying LLMs
  • Module 4: Getting Commercial Value from LLMs


The above are just a few of the sessions you’ll find at ODSC East next week. Don’t miss this last chance to register for the can’t-miss conference of the spring.