While more knowledge is in general almost always a good thing, in most industries, there are some skills that are more essential than others when it comes to advancing your career. At ODSC East this May 9th-11th, you’ll find a wide range of training sessions on just such skills. Check out a few below.

Advanced Fraud Modeling & Anomaly Detection with Python & R

Aric LaBarr, PhD | Associate Professor of Analytics, Institute for Advanced Analytics | NC State University

During this course, you’ll examine the standard fraud framework at a company, where data science can have an impact, and how to build an analytically advanced fraud system. You’ll explore statistical and machine learning approaches to anomaly detection, as well as supervised and unsupervised approaches to fraud modeling. 

Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch and TensorFlow

Dr. Jon Krohn | Chief Data Scientist | Nebula.io

In recent years, Deep Learning has become ubiquitous across a wide range of data-driven applications. This workshop brings high-level theory to life with interactive examples featuring PyTorch, TensorFlow 2, and Keras and provides students with a complete intuitive understanding of deep learning’s underlying foundations.

Beyond the Basics: Data Visualization in Python

Stefanie Molin | Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Chief Information Security Office | Bloomberg LP | Author of Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas

During this session, you’ll learn how to use Python to create customized data visualizations that will help you bridge the gap between analysts and other stakeholders. Not only will you explore the ways that you can use Matplotlib to add annotations, animate, and more, but you’ll also learn how to use HoloViz to create interactive visualizations. 

Advanced Gradient Boosting: Probabilistic Regression and Categorical Structure

Brian Lucena | Principal | Numeristical

Join this hands-on training to learn some of the more advanced, cutting-edge techniques for gradient boosting. You’ll start with a review of best practices for building models and progress through parameter tuning, probabilistic regression, and end with categorical variables. 

Getting Started with Hyperparameter Optimisation

Nikolay Manchev, PhD | Head of Data Science for EMEA | Domino Data Lab

This workshop will address one of the most difficult challenges in machine learning, hyperparameter optimization. During the session, you’ll explore the theory and the pros and cons of various techniques for optimizing hyperparameters, including grid search, random search, Bayesian optimization, and evolutionary algorithms.

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Above are just a few of the training sessions you’ll find at ODSC East. Keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon. And be sure to register for your East Pass soon for 60% off as our Early Bird Discount won’t last forever.