Imagine a career that gives you a path for creativity, exploration, and problem-solving. It gives you the chance to build cool things, answer complex questions in a variety of fields, and remain on the bleeding edge of technology. It turns out machine learning can fill those buckets completely, along with providing desirable job skills. And when you attend the ODSC West bootcamp this November 16th-18th, you’ll gain eight superpowers in this innovative field.


The foundation of machine learning lies in programming. You must understand how to write programs and build algorithms before you can take your first machine learning project steps. At ODSC, you receive training in programming fundamentals in two in-demand data science languages—Python and R programming. Plus, you’ll also learn some of the tools data scientists use for their projects. 

Some highlights include Jupyter notebooks and Julia. Jupyter notebooks are open-source web applications that allow data scientists to create and share documents with projects and documentation in one single document. Julia is a specialized language designed to write fast code for scientific calculations and optimize research execution. wrangling

Before any projects happen, data analysts and scientists have to find data and ensure it’s of sufficient quality to yield trustworthy results. A majority of data scientists spend nearly half their time on data wrangling alone, according to a 2020 survey from Anaconda.

Students will master the tools that make data wrangling more efficient and ensure that their results and builds are the highest quality and as free of bias as possible. Tools include SQL, Spark, Pandas, and Tableau.

Machine Learning Frameworks

A framework allows data scientists to engineer data pipelines that can be reused or optimized for other iterations. These frameworks support projects, and a knowledge of their functions helps make data science projects more efficient. It also reduces the time students spend troubleshooting.

Students will learn common data science frameworks, including PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, and scikit-learn. These cover a range of data science specializations.

Machine Learning Tools

From wrangling to processing to storage to visualization—a firm grasp of tools makes any data scientist a machine learning champion. ODSC introduces the most popular data science and machine learning tools with hands-on instruction so you know how to use each one.

Participants train in Airflow, MLOps, Spark, and Kubeflow, among others. These tools provide automation pipelines and workflows to make developing machine learning initiatives faster and leaner. 

Natural Language Processing

Computers understanding and speaking human language the way people would is still one of the most sought-after capabilities in AI. Chatbots answer our customer service questions. We have translators in our pockets. Industries like healthcare use NLP to make health record transcriptions easier. 40% of households use voice search every day.

These things all require natural language processing. ODSC’s participants will learn key concepts in NLP as well as tools. Notable subjects include sentiment analysis, BERT, and transformers.

Machine Learning Foundations

The subject itself requires knowledge of mathematical equations, programming, and data workflows. Students train in highly sought-after areas of ML with the ODSC West bootcamp, including reinforcement learning, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning. 

Machine learning builds on each of the above superpowers and unleashes the potential for human and computer collaboration in data processing and understanding. With the ODSC West bootcamp, students will become proficient at creating these types of super programs.

Deep Learning

Deep learning builds on machine learning, giving computers greater range and nudging towards truly intelligent machines. Participants will train in these complex, processing heavy computations and master in-demand processes for research and development.

Topics include neural networks, CNN, LSTM, and GANS. Deep learning shines in areas such as image classification and speech recognition. Combined with NLP skills, students will be building the next wave of functional intelligent machines for industry.

Data visualization

Data is meaningless without the story. Visualization requires creativity and a knack for communication. Machine learning engineers and data scientists must be able to make their findings accessible to the average person through great visualizations.

Visualization needs more than simply tech skills, but ODSC West bootcamp attendees do learn those essential tools. Tableau, Matplotlib, Plotly, and D3.JS—mastering these tools gives you the technical expertise to communicate impactful stories through data.

Exploding career skills with the ODSC West bootcamp

Our data science ODSC West bootcamp offers students the chance to master these superpowers. Considering that 83% of AI decision-makers believe that the deep learning skills gap impacts their ability to compete at optimum levels, these superpowers could help land students lucrative jobs. 

With many companies struggling to maintain operations without necessary machine learning experts, it’s time to learn and master what you need to break into the field. The ODSC West bootcamp is the perfect place to start.

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