ODSC Europe is just weeks away, coming up June 15th-16th, and we can’t wait to bring the data science community together, both in-person and virtually, to reconnect, learn, and grow. Our in-person passes are almost sold out, but don’t worry. If you are unable to join us at the Tobacco Dock this June, we’ll be hosting lots of engaging training sessions, workshops, and talks on our virtual platform. Check out our confirmed sessions below.

Tuesday, June 14th

Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning | Julia Lintern | Senior Data Scientist | Metis

Introduction to Linear Algebra for Data Science and Machine Learning With Python | Hadrien Jean, PhD | Data and Machine Learning Scientist


Introduction to Python for Data Analysis | Leonidas Souliotis, PhD | Senior Data Scientist | AstraZeneca

Wednesday, June 15th


The Big Wave of AI at Scale | Luis Vargas, PhD | Partner Technical Advisor | Microsoft

Machine Learning

Prediction with Missing Values | Gaël Varoquaux, PhD | Research Director | Director, Scikit-learn | INRIA

StructureBoost: Gradient Boosting with Categorical Structure | Brian Lucena, PhD | Principal | Numeristical

Visually Inspecting Data Profiles for Data Distribution Shifts | Felipe de Pontes Data Scientist | WhyLabs

Deep Learning 

PyTorch 101: Building a Model Step-by-step | Daniel Voigt Godoy | Data Scientist and Author of Deep Learning with PyTorch Step-by-Step

MLOps and Data Engineering

Full-stack Machine Learning for Data Scientists Full-stack Machine Learning for Data Scientists | Hugo Bowne-Anderson, PhD | Head of Data Science Evangelism and Marketing | Outerbounds

Human-Friendly, Production-Ready Data Science with Metaflow | Ville Tuulos | Co-founder | Outerbounds


Applying Interactive Weak Supervision to NLP Tasks | Shayan Mohanty Co-Founder & CEO | Watchful

Social Biases in Text Representations and their Mitigation | Danushka Bollegala, PhD | Professor in the Department of Computer Science | University of Liverpool

Data Visualization

Beyond the Basics: Data Visualization in Python | Stefanie Molin Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Author of Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas | Bloomberg

Demo Talk

Run Azure Machine Learning Anywhere in Multi-cloud or on Premises | ​Doris Zhong | Product Manager | Microsoft

A Graph Data Science Framework for the Enterprise | Joe Depeau | Field Engineering | Neo4j

Introduction to WSL2 for Data Science with Z by HP | Akram Dweikat | Network Economics (ML), Deliveroo | Global Data Science Z by HP Ambassador

The Rapid Evolution of the Canonical Stack for Machine Learning | Lee Baker | General Secretary | AI Infrastructure Alliance

The Hidden Layers of Tech Behind Successful Data Labeling | Glen Ford VP of Product | iMerit

AI for Emergency Response | Aoife Cahill, PhD Director, AI Research | Dataminr


Thursday, June 16th


Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Decision Makers | Ken Jee | Head of Data Science at Scouts Consulting Group LLC, Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador

Machine Learning

Time-Series in Python – Preprocessing and Machine Learning | Ben Auffarth, PhD | Head of Data Science | loveholidays

Rule Induction and Reasoning in Knowledge Graphs | Daria Stepanova, PhD | Research Scientist | Bosch Center for AI

Scaling Machine Learning with Data Mesh | Shawn Kyzer | Principal Data Engineer | Thoughtworks (Spain)

Computer Perception Challenges in Drone Applications Using Quality Data Annotation | Keith McCormick | Chief Data Science Advisor | CloudFactory

Digital Twins: Not All Digital Twins are Identical | Dr. Anand S. Rao | Global Artificial Intelligence Lead, Partner | PwC

Leaner and Greener AI with Quantization in PyTorch | Suraj Subramanian | Machine Learning Advocate | Facebook AI

Deep Learning 

GANs N’ Roses: Understanding Generative Models | Daniel Voigt Godoy | Data Scientist and Author of Deep Learning with PyTorch Step-by-Step

Eagleeye: Data Pipeline for Anomaly Detection in Cyber Security | Tuhin Sharma | Senior Principal Data Scientist | Red Hat

MLOps and Data Engineering

What’s new in Apache Airflow 2.3? | Kaxil Naik | Director of Airflow Engineering | Astronomer

Data Science, Meet Data Mesh: What We Can Learn from Bioinformatics about the Power of Standardization in Distributed Systems | Dan Sullivan, PhD | Principal Data Architect | 4 Mile Analytics

A Systematic Approach for Building Full-Spectrum Model Monitoring image | Mihir Mathur | Product Manager | Lyft


Advanced NLP: Deep Learning and Transfer Learning for Natural Language Processing | Dipanjan (DJ) Sarkar | Lead Data Scientist / Google Developer Expert – ML | SIT Academy, Zurich

Sentiment Analysis Tricks with Keras, spaCy and Transformers | Duygu Altinok, PhD | Senior NLP Engineer | author of bestseller Mastering spaCy | Deepgram

Responsible AI

Ethnicity, Equity, and AI | Sara Khalid | Senior Research Associate in Biomedical Data Science and University Research Lecturer | University of Oxford

Machine Learning for Finance 

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Asset Allocation in US Equities | Sonam Srivastava | Founder | Wright Research

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