When you start a learning bootcamp with the goal of learning a set of skills that will enable you to use AI in a particular way, it can be hard to identify the courses that best fit your needs. The mini bootcamp at ODSC West 2020, however, features six specialized learning paths to ensure that you can easily select the courses that will help you achieve your learning goals.

Below is a list of the Specialization Tracks, some of the topics that they’ll cover, and examples of the types of sessions you can expect for ODSC West in October.

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Machine Learning with Python: Statistics, Math, Programming with Pandas, Face Processing, Causal Inference, Explainable AI Models

  • Sustainable Retail Through Open Source, Scraping, and NLP
  • Solving the Data Scientist’s Cold-Start Problem with Machine Learning Examples

Machine Learning with R: Building ML Workflows in R, Pipeline Optimization, Time Series Forecasting, Advanced ML Algorithms

  • Machine Learning in R Part I-IV
  • Building Personalized Scores for Customers: How to Combine Different Data Types and Learn in the Process

Deep Learning: 
ML with scikit-learn, Variational Auto-Encoders, GANs, Neural Networks and TensorFlow

  • Transformers for Computer Vision
  • Image Detection as a Service: How we Use APIs and Deep Learning to Support our Products

Data Engineering/MLOps: Advanced SQL, CI/CD Pipelines, Kubeflow and Security, ONNX Runtime

  • Deploying ML Pipelines with Open-data
  • SQL for Data Science

NLP: NLP Fundamentals, Text Processing, Deep Transfer Learning, BERT and Computer Vision Transformers

  • Forecasting the Economy with Fifty Shades of Emotions
  • Spark NLP for Healthcare: Lesions Learning Building Real-World AI Systems Veysel Kocaman, PhD Sr. Data Scientist John Snow Labs

Data Visualization: Data and Visual Storytelling, Animating Matplotlib into GIFs, Knowledge Graphs, Data Visualization Using D3

  • Animating Data: From matplotlib plots to GIFs Max Humber Lead Instructor General Assembly
  • Bringing Data to the Masses Through Visualization Alan Rutter Founder Fire Plus Algebra

As part of the Mini-Bootcamp, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in several learning experiences throughout the summer, as well as get access to additional resources during the virtual conference. Find the full list of what is included in the Mini-Bootcamp ticket below

  • Pre-Bootcamp On-Demand Training
  • Pre-Bootcamp Live Training (4-day pass only)
  • Learning Hackathon
  • Data Science Fundamentals
  • 2 to 3 days of workshops, talks, and training sessions
  • Virtual AI Expo and Demo Talks
  • Virtual Career Expo

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If you have a particular skill you would like to master, ODSC’s Mini-Virtual Bootcamp at ODSC West can help you do so. Plus, when you register by Friday, you’ll save 60% on your Bootcamp pass.