ODSC East may be over, but we still have conferences coming up this summer and Fall. In particular, we are excited to announce that passes for both ODSC West 2023 and ODSC APAC 2023 are now on sale. Below you’ll find more information on each.

ODSC West 2023

The biggest change coming to ODSC West this year is that the conference is now 4 days instead of 3. We’ll be setting up at Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport from October 31st to November 3rd for 4 days of hands-on training sessions, workshops, talks, and networking events. And for those who aren’t able to travel to San Francisco, we’ll be hosting a co-current virtual conference as well.

We’re still working on our lineup, but you can be sure that our expert speakers will be of the caliber you’ve come to expect. Check out our keynote speakers from last year.

Michael I. Jordan, PhD

Distinguished Professor | UC, Berkeley | ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award Laureate

Michael I. Jordan’s research ranges across the cognitive, social, biological, computational, and statistical sciences. He is also the recipient of numerous awards including, most recently, the Ulf Grenander Prize from the American Mathematical Society in 2021.

Kay Firth-Butterfield

Head of AI & Machine Learning | Member, Executive Committee | World Economic Forum

Kay Firth-Butterfield, one of the world’s foremost experts on the governance of AI, has dedicated much of her career to furthering the goals of AI Governance. In 2014 she was named the world’s first Chief AI Ethics officer.

Pieter Abbeel, PhD

Director, Co-Director | Berkeley Robot Learning Lab, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence (BAIR) Lab

Professor Abbeel’s research strives to build ever more intelligent systems, which has his lab push the frontiers of deep reinforcement learning, and deep unsupervised learning, especially as it pertains to robotics.

Ion Stoica, PhD

Professor, Director | UC Berkeley, RISELab

Ion Stoica, PhD’s current research focuses on cloud computing and networked computer systems. His past work includes Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Tachyon, Chord DHT, and Dynamic Packet State (DPS).

Graham Neubig, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty | Carnegie Mellon University, NeuLab

Graham Neubig, PhD’s research focuses on multilingual natural language processing, natural language interfaces to computers, and machine learning methods for NLP, with the final goal of every person in the world being able to communicate with each other, and with computers in their own language.

Jun Zeng

Distinguished Technologist and Founding Manager of the 3D Digital Twin Group | HP

Over the course of his career, Jun has spent 20 years creating and commercializing software for improving cyber-physical systems.

Mario Inchiosa, PhD

Principal Data Scientist Manager | Microsoft

Dr. Inchiosa’s current work focuses on AI-led co-innovation engagements. His past roles have included work in analytics, big data, R, SQL, data mining, and more. He has also been awarded four patents and has published over 30 research papers, earning Publication of the Year and Open Literature Publication Excellence awards.

Monica S. Lam, PhD

Professor,  Faculty Director | Stanford University, Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL)

Professor Lam’s expertise lies in conversational virtual assistants, the subject of her current research, and compilers for high-performance machines. She is the recipient of numerous awards, and is a co-author of Compilers, Principles, Techniques, and Tools (2nd Edition).

Interested in speaking at ODSC West? You can find more information here.


Like in past years, ODSC APAC will be virtual only. However, this year, it will be taking place a bit earlier on August 22nd and 23rd. Over the course of two days, leading experts in a variety of topics, from machine learning to NLP, will share their knowledge during talks and workshops.

Past APAC keynote speakers have included

Mary-Anne Williams, PhD

Michael J Crouch Chair In Innovation, UNSW

Dr. Williams is also a fellow at Stanford University, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Australian Computer Society, and the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

Luis Vargas, PhD

Partner Technical Advisor, Microsoft

Dr. Vargas’ responsibilities at Microsoft also include advisor to Microsoft CTO, AI scalability, and strategy expert, and lead for the organization’s AI at Scale Initiative and Azure Database Services.

Kerrie Mengersen, PhD

Distinguished Professor Of Statistics and Director Of Data Science, Queensland Technology University

Dr. Mengersen is also a member of the Executive Committee for the International Statistical Institute (ISI), the National Committee for Mathematical Sciences, and the Australian Academy of Science (AAS).

Ken Jee

Head Of Data Science At Scouts Consulting Group LLC, Z By HP Global Data Science Ambassador

Ken Jee is best known for his YouTube channel where he helps over 80,000 people navigate the Data Science Landscape.

Dr. Jim Webber

Chief Scientist,  Neo4j

Dr. Webber leads the Systems Research Group, working on a variety of database research topics with a focus on fault tolerance. He also co-wrote Graph Databases (1st and 2nd editions, O’Reilly) and Graph Databases for Dummies (Wiley).

To become an ODSC APAC speaker, find more information here.

Looking for something a little sooner?

As we get closer to these conferences, we’ll have more information to share. In the meantime, ODSC Europe is only a few weeks away and quickly approaching. Register now to get your pass at 50% off.