Much can be accomplished at the ODSC East AI Expo and Demo Hall, from connecting with partner representatives to getting caught up on the latest developments in AI applications. You’ll also have the chance to see how our partners’ products and services work in the real world. Check out some of our confirmed sessions below coming this May 9th-11th.

Streamlining Your Streaming Analytics with Delta Lake & Rust

Gary Nakanelua | Managing Director, Innovation | Blueprint Technologies (BPCS)

Join this session to learn how to get started with a streaming architecture using Delta Lake and Kafka on Azure. You’ll use open-source libraries and leave with an understanding of how to improve your streaming analytics architecture with:

  • Lakehouse implementation via Delta Lake
  • Kafka streaming via kafka-delta-ingest
  • Python binding via delta-rs
  • Data storage on Azure via blob and ADLS

Bringing AI to Retail and Fast Food with Taipy’s Applications

Florian Jacta | Customer Success Manager | Taipy

Albert | Customer Success Manager, Quantitative Analyst | Taipy, MSTS

During this session, you’ll discuss a common challenge faced by developers of AI applications: creating software for operational staff to use for decision-making. Through two use cases (a cash flow prediction application and a sales prediction app), you’ll see how Taipy can be used to successfully solve this challenge.

How to Build Stunning Data Science Web Applications in Python – Taipy Tutorial

Florian Jacta | Customer Success Manager | Taipy

Albert | Customer Success Manager, Quantitative Analyst | Taipy, MSTS

This workshop will demonstrate how to use Taipy, a low-code Python package, to create data science applications like managing pipelines, scenarios, and algorithms, as well as build graphical visualizations.

Building Computer Vision Models and Optimizing Hyperparameters using PyTorch and SAS Viya

Robert Blanchard | Principal Data Scientist | SAS

Ari Zitin | Analytical Training Consultant | SAS

In this session, you’ll learn how to evaluate global and local search strategies parallel to efficiently explore the decision space and, ultimately, improve model accuracy. This session will use a genetic algorithm to illustrate this technique.

Unlock the Power of Data Science for Real Change: A Blueprint for Decision Intelligence

Joe Dery, PhD | VP & Dean, Data Analytics | Western Governors University

Join this session to examine how business value is driven by decision intelligence workflows, with a particular focus on the building block underpinning these workflows. Topics covered will range from ML-based recommendations to user-friendly interfaces.

Learn at YOUR Pace: A Hands-On, Competency-Based Experience Featuring Python & Predictive Modeling

Daniel J. Smith, PhD | Instructor | Western Governors University

Leticia Rabor | Senior Instructor | Western Governors University

Discover a new way to learn data science during this session which focuses on competency-based education and the resources and mentoring available in an online education that moves at your pace.

Relational Dataset Analytics for Clear Customer Insights

Bob Foreman | Software Engineering Lead | LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Join this session to explore how creating Relational Datasets in HPCC Systems can help solve real-world questions regarding risk-related business decisions, perform ML analytics and report insights through the built-in visualization tools.

Infuse Generative AI in your apps using Azure OpenAI Service

Eve Psalti | Principal Group Program Manager | Microsoft

Join this session to learn how you can integrate LLMs into your applications. Azure OpenAI can help you apply models like Dall-E 2, GPT-3.5, Codex, and ChatGPT to improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and more.

Responsible AI In Practice 

Minsoo Thigpen | Senior Product Manager | Microsoft

Mehrnoosh Sameki, PhD | Principal PM Manager | Microsoft

This session will address the challenge of ensuring the responsible development of AI technologies. You’ll learn about best practices for tools, as well as state-of-the-art open-source tools, that you can use in your machine learning lifecycle.


The above are just a few of the sessions you can expect to find at ODSC East’s AI Expo and Demo Hall. To make sure you don’t miss a moment, be sure to register for your free pass today.