The importance of AI to the success of organizations and institutions only continues to grow. If you haven’t started thinking about how to incorporate it into your business, you may find yourself left in the dust by your competitors. Fortunately, ODSC East 2022 this April 19th-21st will be offering several opportunities for you to learn more about the AI products and services available today, as well as best practices for how to implement machine learning solutions in your organization.

Ai X Summit

The Ai X Business and Innovation Summit will take place from April 19th and 21st and will focus on how AI is transforming a range of industries, from manufacturing to biotech and pharma with machine learning solutions. Experts from both AI and industry will give business talks on cybersecurity and threat detection, AI governance, building and managing effective AI teams, and much more. Past speakers include Mike Stonebraker, PhD, Kerry Weinberg, Mark Weber, and Liz Sander, PhD.

AI Expo Hall

The AI Expo Hall will feature Keynote talks by some of the best and brightest minds in AI and data science, live demonstrations of cutting-edge AI products and machine learning solutions, and the opportunity to network with AI practitioners, C-suite executives, and our AI Expo Partners. Current confirmed partners include Z by HP, Microsoft Azure, SAS, neo4j, Oracle, and MathWorks. Check out our complete list of confirmed partners here.

How to Attend

This way we are offering two ways to attend ODSC East and the AI Expo Hall: In-person or virtually. Some of our AI Expo partners will be present both in-person and virtually, while others will attend just one format. Whichever format you choose, however, will feature a unique combination of talks from leading experts in AI and business and networking opportunities with speakers and fellow attendees.

Don’t miss this chance to ensure your organization stays at the forefront of your industry through a strong understanding and effective use of AI and machine learning solutions. You can register yourself, or your team, here.