The importance of AI to the success of organizations and institutions only continues to grow. If you haven’t started thinking about how to incorporate it into your business, you may find yourself left in the dust by your competitors. Fortunately, ODSC Europe 2023 this June 14th-15th – both in-person and virtually –  will be offering several opportunities for you to learn more about the AI products and services available today, as well as best practices for how to implement machine learning solutions in your organization.

The AI Expo & Demo Hall

The AI Expo & Demo Hall itself is where you can check out the latest developments from leaders in AI, see their latest offerings, and learn more about how they’re changing the AI game.  On the in-person side of things, you can grab some swag, check out London’s Tobacco Dock, and speak with representatives from all of our amazing partners in-person. On the virtual side of things, you can still learn all about these developments and talk to partners, and instead of swag, you can enter giveaways to win some fun things for free.

This year’s partners include Microsoft Azure, Taipy, SAS, Tangent Works, Advancing Analytics, Cloudera, Fujitsu, Delta Lake, and plenty more.

Partner & Demo Talks

Of course, learning about all of these AI and machine learning tools is one thing, but learning how to use them is an entirely different thing. As part of ODSC Europe, we’ll have a number of demo talks that will not just explain how to use these tools, but when you should use them, and how others have used them before. Some scheduled demo talks include:

  • Want End-to-End MLOps? Delta & Databricks Make This A Reality!
  • How to Build Stunning Data Science Web Applications in Python – Taipy Tutorial”
  • Bringing AI to Retail and Fast Food with Taipy’s Applications”
  • Deep Learning and Comparisons between Large Language Models
  • Build and Deploy PyTorch models with Azure Machine Learning
  • Learn how to Efficiently Build and Operationalize Time Series Models in 2023
  • A Walkthrough of Low-Code Deep Learning with KNIME
  • Exploiting GNNs for Business Recommendation on Yelp Data

Sign me up!

Just to remind you – the AI Expo & Demo Hall is completely free to attend! You can register here and get access to the AI Expo & Demo Hall and all talks. If you’re looking for the complete ODSC Europe experience, then the Platinum or Bootcamp tickets are for you! Gain access to all sessions on-demand following the event, get hands-on training in AI with our workshops, and even check out the AI Summit!