Building the necessary data science skills and knowledge to keep ahead of the curve can be both time consuming and budget breaking. To help you minimize costs and maximize value, Ai+ Training and ODSC are hosting several training opportunities, both virtual and in-person with an ODSC West 2021 pass.

ODSC West 2021

ODSC West 2021 marks the return of in-person conferences for ODSC. For the first time in two years, ODSC West will be bringing together leading experts in data science and AI,  data scientists, software engineers, and machine learning engineers, among others to learn, grow, and connect.

The leading applied data science training conference, ODSC West will feature 80+ hands-on training sessions and expert-led workshops, as well as talks, the AI Expo, and networking events. Some of the confirmed sessions include

  • Beginner to Advanced Machine Learning with Scikit-learn
  • A Complete Real-Time Data Application in 90 Minutes : from Kafka to Streamlit
  • Using Reproducible Experiments To Create Better Machine Learning Models
  • Teaching Machines through Human Explanations
  • New Frontiers in Deep Generative Learning

Ai+ Training 

During the month of October Ai+ Training will host two live virtual training sessions: 

Getting Started with Practical MLOps: Noah Gift | MLOps Expert, Solopunuer, Author, Adjunct Professor | Duke, Northwestern, UC Davis | October 21st, 12PM EST

Join the founder of Pragmatic A.I. Labs and experienced data scientist Noah Gift for his upcoming live training session on the fundamentals of MLOps, including getting started and best practices.  

Gradient Boosting for Prediction and Inference: Brian Lucena | Principal | Numeristical | October 28th at 1PM EST

An experienced data scientist, Brian Lucena’s expertise is in healthcare and finance. During his course you will learn about how Gradient Boosting models are fit, as well as how to interpret, understand, and evaluate a model.

Register for an ODSC West 2021 pass.

To help you build the skills you need to succeed in your career, for a limited time we are including your choice of one of our October Ai+ Live Training courses with the purchase of an ODSC West Platinum, or VIP in-person or a Platinum virtual pass. Plus, when you register by Friday, you’ll save 30% on your ODSC West pass.