The threat posed to both organizations and individuals by ransomware, malware, and trojan horses, among others, isn’t going away anytime soon. Fortunately, machine learning is helping us develop new tools and techniques for cybersecurity, from automation to threat detection, and more, to help us more effectively protect our data. At ODSC West 2021 this November 16th-18th, our expert speakers will be presenting on and discussing some of these developments. Check out a few of our speakers and sessions for the ML for Cybersecurity track below.


Mitigating Risk Through Threat Hunting: Steven Konecny | Partner | Forensic Security Solutions & David Thompson | Managing Director | Forensic Security Solutions

A proactive approach to cybersecurity increases the likelihood of an organization identifying and neutralizing a threat before Ransomeware is installed or data stolen. In this course, you’ll learn about the techniques used in threat hunting, as well as the open source and commercial products that can help you identify weaknesses in a system.

Incident Response in a World of Evolving Threats: Denise Anderson | President | H-ISAC

This session will help you become better prepared to respond to security threats through an examination of threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures and their evolution. It will also cover the best practices that should be included in your incident response plan. 

Seeing Is Believing: Crafting Compelling Visualizations And Narratives To Drive Better Cybersecurity Outcomes: Bob Rudis | Chief Security Data Scientist | Rapid7

If you are unable to effectively communicate your solutions for cybersecurity threats so that they are understood and adopted, it doesn’t matter how good they are. In this session, you will learn the best practices for presenting data-driven solutions to your target audience. 

Analyzing the Chemistry of Data: Wendy Nather | Head of Advisory CISO | Cisco

Data in use can give rise to unexpected changes that compromises its security. In this session, you will learn how to identify if your data is relatively inert or volatile and best practices for keeping it secured.  

A Framework for Identifying Host-Based Artifacts in Dark Web Investigations: Arica Kulm | Lead Digital Forensic Analyst | DigForCE Lab, Dakota State University

In this session, you will learn one method of identifying host-based artifacts during digital forensic investigations involving suspected dark web use. This method will help you identify artifacts that are hard to find and is easy to follow and reusable.

Other Speakers for the ML for Cybersecurity Track:

  • Charles Givre | Co-founder, Adjunct Professor, Apache Drill Project Management Committee Chair | Stealth Startup, GTK Cyber | University of Maryland
  • Rob Lee | Founder and CEO, Senior Instructor | Dragos, Inc., SANS Institute
  • Christopher Crowley | Senior SANS Instructor | SANS Institute
  • Jess Garcia | CEO, Security & Forensics Analyst, Incident Responder, Senior Instructor | One eSecurity, SANS Institute
  • Jeff Troy | President, CEO | Aviation ISAC (A-ISAC)
  • Peter Morin | Principal, National Cyber Security Leader | Grant Thornton LLP
  • Paul Vixie | Chairman, CEO and Co-founder | Farsight Security

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