With ODSC West 2021 just two weeks away, many people are still contemplating how safe it is to go back to in-virtual events and conferences. COVID cases are dropping drastically in California, hitting their safest levels in months, making ODSC West a safe option for a return to in-person conferences. Here are a few benefits to attending in-person events again, and why ODSC West is worth venturing out for.


In addition to building skills, many people are looking most forward to connecting with the community again in person. By meeting like-minded people from around the country, you’ll make connections and friendships that may have been difficult virtually.

Staying Current

Data science and AI evolve constantly, and unless you have your finger on the pulse 24/7, it’s hard to stay current with everything. Meeting people from similar or event different disciplines is a good way to see what has them excited. Learn what blogs and podcasts they listen to, how they find their news, what updates they’re following, and what thought leaders they’re paying attention to.

Connecting with Instructors

ODSC west instructors are some of the best and brightest in data science and artificial intelligence today. Whether they’re researchers from an esteemed university or a staff data scientist at a company you’ve heard of, they each have their own unique experiences to draw insights from. They’re more than welcome to share some of their stories with participants, so don’t miss out.

Rekindling Your Passion

It’s easy to get dragged down when you’re at your computer at home so many hours a week and for over a year. By meeting people, getting out of your comfort zone, and trying something new – especially before the holidays – going to an in-person event will be a great way to rekindle your love for data science and AI.

Accelerate Your Learning

It’s hard to stay attentive online for long periods of time, but in-person events make people move around, take breaks, talk to people in-between sessions, and have the chance to speak directly to instructors after their sessions.

See What’s Trending in the Expo Hall

Videos can only do so much to showcase what new products and services can do. In the AI Expo Hall, you’ll be able to see what’s new in the industry, with hands-on booths from Neo4j, S&P Global, Arize AI, LiveRamp, and so on.

Register Now for ODSC West 2021

Hopefully, these are more than enough reasons why you should attend ODSC West 2021 in person. If you’re still not convinced, then you can learn more about everything there is to offer here, including all speakers, keynotes, extra events, and so on. You can still register for the virtual conference as well, if going in-person isn’t tangible for you right now. Tickets are 20% off, so don’t delay!

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