Artificial intelligence has fast become the investment of choice for top venture capitalists globally. As the scale of AI has increased to staggering ranges, the technological and engineering needs to meet this trend are only increasing. In 2020, AI startups saw over 75 billion dollars in investment in that year alone. To put this into perspective, this shift in investments into AI is a 28-fold increase from 2012. Due to the ever-larger growing needs for AI-based technology , it’s no wonder why so many are flocking to invest.

This is why you should be involved in the process. The future is being built right now and ODSC is taking the lead by providing a space for startups who are looking to shake the AI world. But this isn’t a normal startup showcase. At the ODSC East 2022 AI Startup Showcase, we’re turning the tables on top investors in data science and having them pitch their problems to attending startups. The process is called a Reverse Pitch. Here, investors will “pitch” problems they’re hoping to solve through investments in the right startups.

There are two main aspects that make reverse pitches unique. First, they allow startups to not be in the hot seat attempting to show off their value. Investors must pitch their problems to startups and see if anyone has a solution. Second, and most importantly, these startups get to choose the project and person they will work with. Allowing them to pick passion projects they care about.

Top Investors Include:

Now, who are our investors for the Reverse Pitch? ODSC is excited to announce that ten of the world’s leading data science-focused venture capitalists will be attending the AI Startup Showcase as part of ODSC East 2022. They’re in search of the next big thing in AI, could your startup be one of them?

Danel Dayan has worked in technology and investments for almost ten years. Currently, Danel is a venture investor at Battery Ventures where he is leading enterprise infrastructure software investments across some of the largest fields in data from both early-stage to growth-equity investments: Cloud, developer tools, analytics, machine learning, cybersecurity, and more.

Rashmi Gopinath has a long history of pioneering investments in cutting-edge enterprise software startups. She’s a General Partner at B Capital Group focusing on investments in cybersecurity, DevOps, cloud infrastructure, AI, and machine learning. Rashmi’s passion for tech goes beyond her work as one of the leaders in venture capital. She is also a pod leader at Parity Partners and mentors rising female venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Sid Trivedi is a venture capitalist with an eye for next-generation enterprise software companies. He has a wide range of experience with startups, such as early-stage, growth, and public. Currently, he invests across the full enterprise stack and is the lead in cybersecurity and IT for Foundation Capital.

Brad Gillespie is a general partner at IA Ventures. He leads early-stage investments in AI, data services, robotics, biotech, and more. Many of these investments are well known, such as Redfin and Datadog. He currently holds a patent that allows for the animation of objects using metadata.

Igor Taber is the managing director at Cortical Ventures. HEre he manages investments, from seed to early-stage, in data infrastructure, machine learning, AI, and more. His passion for data science can be with his commitment to both investing and guiding startups as he has served on over twenty boards for different organizations.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. But the investors coming to the ODSC East 2022 AI Startup showcase represent the leaders and pioneers of seed investment for AI startups. With portfolios that include names such as Netflix, Flatiron Health, Datadog, and other industry-transforming companies. It’s not just about who they’ve invested in. Relationships are important and many of these firms have also helped to establish important ties between startups and companies such as Apple, Datadog, Dstabricks, Komodo Health, and more.

Why would you want to attend the Reverse Pitch?

There are too many reasons why any data science professional should be a part of the Reverse Pitch at the Startup Showcase, but we’d like to go through a few. First to understand the process. If you are interested in searching for investors in the future, seeing the investment process, from Seed to Series A first-hand provides valuable insights. Learning the treads. Discover what exactly investors are in search of. If you want to sell a product, you need buyers!

Maybe you have an idea and are ready to take the next step. The startup showcase is the perfect arena for you to enter and network with leaders & investors in the field. Branch out and connect with our vast and diverse community. Finally, meeting with fellow data scientists and engineers. Coming together with like-minded people with a passion for data cannot be underestimated.

Are you ready to meet with the venture capitalists? Sign up here by filling out our Eventbrite form and schedule your meetings in advance. Now is your time!