As ODSC West draws nearer, coming up this November 16th-18th, we’re focusing on the hot topics we know you’re looking for when attending one of our conferences—artificial intelligence being one of the biggest. We’ve got some great companies representing the AI Expo & Demo Hall, which features demo talks and sessions focused on business applications and use-cases. Here are ten of those companies that will be represented throughout ODSC West and the AI Expo Hall, and which will have sessions, demos, and keynotes.


Intel offers a full artificial intelligence ecosystem with end-to-end software resources. Users can take advantage of tools and frameworks optimized for machine and deep learning to build and deploy AI models. Not only will Intel representatives deliver talks and workshops, but Intel is also an Expo partner.

Don’t miss:

1. ODSC Keynote – Changing the Narrative: The Importance of Responsible AI and Human-AI Collaboration

-Lama Nachman, Intel Fellow, Director of Human & AI Systems Research Lab | Intel

2. Data Science Performance isn’t What You Think: The Journey from Research to Production of the Data Science Workstation.

-David A. Liu, Lead AI Solutions Engineer | Intel

3. Automatic Tool Kit for Machine Learning with “Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit (AI Kit)”

 –Kyle Bader, Data Foundation Architect | Redhat

 –Ryan Looney, Product Manager | Intel


Oracle offers prebuilt AI designed for intelligent enterprise solutions, driving innovation and automation operations. The company recently partnered with WorkPlace Intelligence to examine the ways that AI can support workplace mental health initiatives. Also, a recently released study in partnership with Enterprise Strategy Group examined automation and the role AI, chatbots, IoT, and blockchain play.


HP uses AI solutions and creates AI solutions. It offers production-oriented, cloud-enabled, flexible AI designed to scale with businesses. It recently acquired Determined AI—a machine learning tech company— and uses AI to boost customer service capabilities through virtual agents.

Don’t Miss:

1. ODSC Keynote – The Future of Data of Science with Z by HP

-Bruce Blaho, HP Fellow & VP Chief Technologist, Advanced Compute & Solutions | Z by HP Inc.

-Andrew Kemp, Data Science Segment Lead | Z by HP Inc.

2. Z by HP’s Data Science Solutions

-Lenny Isler, BDM Data Science, AI, And ML | HP Inc.

3. New Data Science Features from Z by HP: Improving Solutions & Increasing Productivity

-Adam Dettenwanger, Software Architect | HP Inc.


Microsoft, another Expo partner and guest speaker, offers AI solutions through Azure, PowerBI, and Microsoft AI. The company provides grants, technology, and expertise in solving real-world challenges in healthcare and the environment and supports the AI for Good initiative.

Don’t miss:

1. ODSC Keynote – Powering the Next Generation of Apps with GPT-3, Codex with the OpenAI API

-Dom Divakaruni, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Azure | Microsoft

 –Peter Welinder, PhD, VP, Product and Partnerships | OpenAI

2. Responsible AI; From Principles to Practice

Tempest Van Schaik, PhD, Senior Machine Learning Biomedical Engineer at Microsoft CSE


RedHat is an ODSC Expo partner this year and will deliver several talks, including one with an Intel partner. The company accelerates artificial intelligence workflows and delivery on its Kubernetes platform. They’ve partnered with companies like NVIDIA and help other companies adopt AIOps initiatives.

Don’t miss:

1. Demo Talk: Trustworthy Decision Management: How Explainable, Predictive Decision Making can Help us Trust our Decision Models

 Jacopo Rota, Senior Software Engineer | Red Hat

Scale Ai

Scale AI provides high-quality training data for artificial intelligence projects and machine learning teams. Their data supplies companies such as Airbnb, NVIDIA, Samsung, Toyota, and PayPal. Its mission is to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence by offering an end-to-end solution to manage the entire data lifecycle.


Neo4j offers scalable graphs capable of visualizing predictions through machine and deep learning. The company’s graph capabilities serve organizations and companies such as NASA, Airbnb, Lyft, and eBay. Neo4j will be an ODSC Expo partner for the West conference.


Datagran facilitates lightning-fast capabilities by integrating a model’s output to the tools businesses use every day. It helps speed production time and facilitate operationalization. Datagran works with companies like GoDaddy, Starbucks, Discovery Channel, and Dominos.


Qubole will be another Expo partner at this year’s ODSC West. The company offers a simple, secure, open Data Lake platform to optimize machine learning and ad-hoc analytics. It works with partners like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, and customers include NBC, MediaMath, and Nextdoor.


Algorithmia supports enterprise machine learning and facilitates scale through MLOps tools. It optimizes collaboration between operations and development and leverages existing SDLC and CI/CD systems. The company’s mission is to reduce the chance that models won’t make it into production, and the company will soon join DataRobot’s team. 

Learning from great minds at the ODSC West AI Expo

ODSC brings leading innovators in the AI field to you at our latest conference. These companies will demonstrate products, offer workshops, and deliver the high-level talks you expect from ODSC events. 

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