We’ve just wrapped up our ODSC Europe, four days of hands-on training sessions, workshops, and talks on the topics and tools driving the future of data science and AI led by renowned experts. If you weren’t able to join us, don’t worry, you can still have a chance to experience ODSC Europe on-demand on our AI+ platform.

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To get started, check out these 5 highly-rated ODSC Europe 2020 sessions for free:

Watch the Top Rated ODSC Europe 2020 Sessions Here!

“PyTorch 101: Building A Model Step-by-Step” Daniel Voigt Godoy Manager, Financial Advisory Analytics at Deloitte, Dean at Data Science Retreat

During this session, you’ll learn how to build a PyTorch model using a structured, incremental approach based on first principles. You’ll come to understand why PyTorch is the fastest growing deep learning framework and how to make best use of its capabilities, including dynamic computation graphs, data loaders, autograd, and model classes.

“Building a Better Data Visualization Culture“ Alan Rutter, Founder, Fire Plus Algebra 

Although data visualization has become an integral part of everyday life, there are still many barriers that data visualization practitioners face when trying to create maximum value in the work, primarily due to organizational culture. In this session you’ll learn more about the issues that arise when attempting to embed a data visualization culture in organizations and how to overcome them.

“Missing Data in Supervised Machine Learning“ Andras Zsom, PhD, Lead Data Scientist and Adjunct Lecturer in Data Science Brown University, Center for Computation and Visualization

Incomplete datasets can introduce bias into your analysis leading to incorrect predictions from your supervised machine learning model. In this session, you’ll learn why many of the popular approaches for addressing missing values in datasets often introduce bias and the best techniques and methods for coming to an unbiased conclusion when there is missing data.

“Building a Production-level Data Pipeline Using Kedro” Kiyohito Kunii, Software Engineer, QuantumBlack

Check out this session to learn about the challenges associated with creating deployable machine learning models, how to improve your exploratory data analysis workflow and transition to production-ready code using an open-source Python library called Kedro, and how to apply software engineering principles to machine learning code to facilitate it’s deployment in a production environment.

“A Deep Dive into Convolutional Neural Networks” Susana Zoghbi, PhD, Co-founder MACTY.EU│ Content A

This session takes a deep dive into Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), which have been the impetus behind recent unprecedented advances in the field of Computer Vision. By the end of the session you’ll be able to answer questions like: What do CNNs compute? What is a CNN? How do CNNs learn? And in what situations should they be used.

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Want to gain new in-demand skills live? Join us at ODSC West in just a few weeks to take advantage of 80 hands-on training sessions and workshops and 300 hours of content. Check out available passes here.

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Can’t wait until the end of October? Check out the available live training sessions on the AI+ Training Platform. Not only do we have sessions from Dr. Kirk Borne, Max Humber, and Brian Lucena, PhD coming soon, we’ve also recently launched monthly subscription plans giving you access to brand-new and frequently updated content. With so many ways to train, there is an option for everyone, no matter your time or budget constraints.