Parking Validator Instructions for Daily Parking Discount :

  • When entering the car park, pick up a ticket at the entry barrier. 
  • During the conference, at any time, make your way to the pay machines located at the side entrance by the elevator bank on the lobby level or on the Atrium level by the doors to the sky bridge to the parking garage. 
  • Insert ticket and follow instructions. Your ticket will be validated for a reduced rate for self-parking of $36 per day.
  • The pay stations are at both hotel exits on the way to the garage. Guests should pay on their way out to their cars.
  • When exiting the garage insert a validated/paid ticket into the machine the gates will open

Parking Instructions if the guest is staying overnight: the parking charges will be placed on their room. At check-out, they will be charged for the number of cars they parked and with the discount!