ODSC passes Tue-Thu, April 23rd-25th:

  • Virtual Premium Pass – (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY). Access ODSC Keynotes, Talks, Workshops, and Virtual Ai Expo. This pass DOES NOT Include access to ODSC Virtual Training Sessions.
  • Virtual Platinum Pass – (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY): Get access to all ODSC sessions Tue-Thur, ODSC Training Sessions, AI Expo, and Demo Talks & Workshops, Meet the Experts, Networking reception. Virtual recordings are included.
  • Virtual Mini-Bootcamp Pass – (MONDAY(virtual), TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY). Get access to EVERYTHING ODSC has to offer. All virtual Conference recordings PLUS Access to EIGHT On-demand Pre-conference training. In addition, get access to a 1-year premium subscription to AI+.