ODSC East has just wrapped up and now we’re on to ODSC Europe, June 15th -16th. Though the COVID pandemic is getting better, some would feel more comfortable with utilizing technology and attending events online. While others are ready to dive back into in-person events. Because of this, we’re maintaining our hybrid approach to our conferences so we on staff can provide you with the best experience with you in mind. But you might still be on the fence and not know which ticket type might be right for you. That’s okay because in this article we’re going to break down in-person and virtual so you can figure out which is right for you!

Personal Preference

Do you love packing, planning, and traveling? How does the idea of meeting up with peers in person, and sharing a nice cup of coffee right before a hands-on training event sound? Well if any of this is peaking your interest, then you might just be ready for an in-person experience. What about flexibility and convenience? Do you love the idea of training on the go? Or meeting up but through chat windows and video instead? Well if that’s the case then the virtual ticket seems to be the ticket for you!

Work Culture

This is a tough one! What about your work schedule? Are you a remote worker, or one who has the flexibility to engage in employee development? Does your office emphasize the importance of always improving your skills? If that’s the case, then in-person might be the best fit for you. But what if you don’t have that flexibility? It could be the office or even an important project that requires your attention, but you don’t want to miss out on the ODSC Europe experience. Then the virtual ticket will be right up your alley.

COVID Comfort

Currently, the English government recommends that you wear a mask in “crowded areas”. With other past restrictions now gone. But if you don’t want to deal with any of that then the virtual ticket might be the choice.


Networking is gold and in the data science community this rings just as true.  An in-person ticket would give you the best opportunity to network with peers and connect with colleagues. Though you can still enjoy this aspect virtually, in-person is still king for any networking needs. That’s because it tends to be much easier to share ideas, insights, and more in-person. But if you’re an ace in online networking, then the virtual ticket is still a great option. 


Both pass types at ODSC Europe provide the best experience to get you and your team connected with the experts that matter to you. You can build each other up while developing new skills as a group.

AI Expo Hall

At ODSC East, our AI Expo Hall went hybrid and became available to in-person attendees. Here you’ll be able to enjoy sixteen talks and demos with ten AI solution providers on site. There will also be five networking events so however, you decide to attend ODSC Europe you’ll get the most from your experience.

Extra Events

With the expectation of the AI Expo Hall, most of the extra events for ODSC Europe will be done online. If you value meeting speakers, connecting with experts, and more then the virtual ticket might be the one for you. But keep in mind, that in-person ticket holders will also have access to these virtual events as well!

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That’s a wrap. Together, we went through the advantages of each ticket type with your convenience and needs in mind. Now, do you know which ticket type best suits your needs?  Great tickets are currently on sale and accommodate a range of budgets. But if you want to take advantage of our limited 40% Early Bird Special, you’ll want to buy your ticket for ODSC Europe before Friday!