ODSC Europe is just a few short weeks away, and if you haven’t gotten your pass yet, now’s the time. However, with several different passes available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of our most popular passes to help you make the selection that will give you the best possible conference experience.

The Full Experience

To experience everything that ODSC Europe has to offer and more, you’ll want the ODSC and AI Summit Pass. This pass gives you access to three days of hands-on training sessions, expert-led workshops, and talks on the data science and AI topics and tools you need to excel in your career. AND you’ll get a Standard+ Pass to the AI Summit, also taking place at the Tobacco Dock. A Standard+ Pass will give you access to:

  • Complete access to conference content, networking, and AI Live! Experiences
  • Invitation to the London Tech Week Party
  • And more!

You can find the full details of a Standard+ Pass here.

Continuous Learning

For those looking to learn something new every day of the year, we have the Mini-Bootcamp Pass, both in-person and virtual. This three-day pass includes 

  • 1 day of Bootcamp Fundamentals on Tuesday
  • 2 days of training sessions, workshops, and talks
  • ODSC Keynotes
  • The AI Expo and Demo Talks
  • 1 Year Premium Subscription to Ai+ Training

With a year subscription to Ai+ Training, you can continue your learning journey long after the conference with on-demand courses from renowned experts like Dr. Jon Krohn. Dr. Kirk Borne, Marta Markiewicz, Joy Payton, Allen Downey, and more.

The Deep Dive

Our Platinum Pass is ideal for anyone looking to take a deep dive into a topic or hone a specific skill. This pass gives you access to two full days of hands-on training sessions and expert-led workshops, as well as all ODSC talks, the AI Expo Hall, and our renowned Keynote speakers. Sessions you can join include

  • A Hands-on Guide to Machine Learning with TensorFlow
  • Beyond the Basics: Data Visualization in Python
  • Open Source Explainability – Understanding Model Decisions Using Alibi
  • GANs N’ Roses: Understanding Generative Models
  • Diffusion Models for Text-to-Image Generation

You’ll also have access to all conference recordings so that you can revisit topics or catch sessions you missed during the conference.

Can’t make it to London? No worries, we also have a Virtual Platinum Pass available.  

The Taste Test

Want to learn a little more about a lot of topics? Check out our Gold Pass, which gives you access to two days of ODSC Talks on essential and cutting-edge topics such as NLP, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, SQL, Responsible AI, and more. You’ll be able to attend sessions like

  • Open Source Explainability – Understanding Model Decisions Using Alibi
  • Evaluating Generalisation in Natural Language Processing Models
  • “It worked on my Laptop, now what?” Using OS tool MLRun to Automate the Path to Production
  • Data Science, Meet Data Mesh: What We Can Learn from Bioinformatics about the Power of Standardization in Distributed Systems

What’s more, you’ll have access to our renowned Keynote speakers as well as the AI Expo Hall and all Demo Talks. 

The Virtual Experience

Can’t make it to London to see what we are all about? Our Virtual Premium Pass is for you. With this pass you can join us for our Keynote Speakers and all virtual talks and workshops. You’ll also be able to discover the cutting-edge of AI solutions at the Al Expo and Demo Talks. Virtual sessions include:

  • Data Science, Meet Data Mesh: What We Can Learn from Bioinformatics about the Power of Standardization in Distributed Systems
  • Human-Friendly, Production-Ready Data Science with Metaflow
  • Eagleeye: Data Pipeline for Anomaly Detection in Cyber Security
  • From Data Scientist to Full-stack Developer: How you can Build your own End-to-end Recommender Webapp with Python, React, and Google Cloud

Don’t see anything that suits your fancy? Check out our full list of ticket types on our website, including our free demo pass and our group passes. Plus, if you register by Friday, you’ll get 40% off whichever ODSC Europe pass you choose. Can’t wait to see you there!