Embarking on a data science career is a time filled with exciting, and sometimes difficult, questions: Which skills are essential for success? Should I pursue an advanced degree? Should I specialize in a topic? And, if so, which? It can feel daunting to face so many choices when you don’t have much experience under your belt. However, ODSC’s Mini-Bootcamp can help equip you with the tools to address these questions, and the many more to come, to succeed in your data science career.

What makes ODSC’s Mini-Bootcamp different from traditional bootcamps, you may ask? In fact, our Mini-Bootcamp has several advantages:


Unlike traditional bootcamps, which can range from several weeks to several months, the Mini-Bootcamp takes place over just 4 days. However, in addition to the conference days, you’ll have access to hundreds of hours of on-demand training sessions, workshops, orientation sessions, and more on our Ai+ Training Platform. This unique format allows you to learn at your pace and according to your schedule. You won’t have to put your career, or your family life, on hold while you build job-ready skills.


Although we’d like to treat training as priceless, we’ve all got bills to pay and only so many funds. Fortunately, ODSC’s Mini-Bootcamp is a fraction of the cost of traditional programs, which can often cost more than $5,000. With ODSC, you’ll have the opportunity to upskill, fill knowledge gaps, and gain valuable hands-on experience without breaking the bank.


We know that it takes time and effort to become an expert in a data science topic, and as such, it’s difficult to master all aspects of the field. Therefore, ODSC Mini-Bootcamps invite some of the top instructors who have dedicated themselves to their chosen specifications. Past speakers have included Dr. Jon Krohn, Andreas Mueller, Mona Khalil, Leonardo De Marchi, Pieter Abbeel, PhD, Jennifer Dawn Davis, PhD, Amita Kapoor, PhD, Matt Harrison, and many many more both in-person at the conference and on-demand on the Ai+ Training Platform. 

Career Advice and Networking

As part of the Mini-Bootcamp, you’ll get access to our Career Expo, featuring sessions on topics like how to ace data science interviews, how to build out your portfolio, essential skills, and learning paths, and an expo hall of top organizations with open positions. Additionally, as one of the largest data science conferences, you’ll have the unique opportunity to connect with and learn about the experiences of thousands of data scientists from across the country and around the world during our networking events like the Networking Reception and Dinner with Data Scientists.


Another feature of the Mini-Bootcamp’s unique format is its unprecedented breadth and depth of topics. With thousands of hours of instruction on a wide variety of essential topics, including machine learning, MLOps, NLP, data engineering, data visualization, data management, Python, R, SQL, scikit-learn, and much, much more, the Mini-Bootcamp and Ai+ Training Platform offers a diversity of information not found elsewhere.

How to get started

Starting out on your data science career can be daunting, but ODSC’s Mini-Bootcamps are here to help equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in whichever path you choose. Plus, if you register for ODSC East 2023 soon, you’ll save 60% off an in-person or virtual Mini-Bootcamp Pass.