Turn ODSC into a mini-bootcamp with our 3 day or 5 day passes

Learn Applied Skills

Learn the languages, algorithms, and tools from some of the leading data scientists in the world

Get Certified

Get a certification of completion upon finishing 3 or 5 days of instruction

Launch Your Career

Network with attendees from 1,600+ companies and meet over 40 companies hiring directly at ODSC

 Kick-start your career in data science. Get the skills you need, taught by world-renowned experts

ODSC Mini Bootcamp is a new way to gain in-demand data science skills in the shortest time with minimum investment.

It’s truly an immersive experience. Over a week, you will access an expanse of data science topics on a scale not offered elsewhere. Uniquely, you will also get invaluable insights by networking and connecting with hundreds of data science attendees, world renowned instructors, industry experts, and dozens of top companies seeking the next wave of talent

2020 Bootcamp Programs

We are hoting host multiple mini-bootcamp programs in 2020. Choose from the following cities and dates

ODSC East - Boston - April 13th to 17th

Register Here

ODSC NYC - Manhattan - JUne

Regisration opening soon

ODSC Europe - Dublin - September 14th to 18th

Regisration opening soon

ODSC West - San Francisco - October 26th to 30th

Regisration opening soon

Bootcamp Program

Begin Monday with core fundamentals, and steadily progress through the week with our hands-on training and expert-led sessions

Day 1 - Beginner - Choose your Programming, Stats, & Math Fundamentals

Coming soon!

Day 2 & 3 - Beginner to Advanced Level Training

Coming soon!

Day 4 & 5 - Beginner to Advanced Sessions

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Certificate of Completion & More

  • Obtain an ODSC Certification of Completion
  • Get access to all ODSC East 2020 recorded sessions
  • Get access to over 100+ additional recorded sessions from prior ODSC events, including ODSC East and ODSC Europe

What You’ll Learn

 Learn Fundamentals

Prep for your immersive training by learning core fundamentals, including:

  • Fundamentals of Python Programming

  • Data Analysis in Python

  • Introduction to Statistics for Data Science

  • Fundamental Analytics for Data Engineering

Learn Frameworks & Tools

Get hands-on experience with in-demand data science tools and frameworks, including:

  • Python, Jupyter Notebooks

  • R programming, Julia, Scala, Stan

  • Apache Spark, MLlib, Streaming

  • Tensorflow, MXNet, Caffe, CNTK

  • Scikit-learn, Theano, Shogun, Pylearn2

  • See schedule for many more…

Learn Core Topics

Get hands-on experience in the most important data science topics with over 40 beginner to intermediate sessions to choose from, including

  • Deep Learning

  • Reinforcement Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Machine Learning

  • Transfer Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Text Analytics

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Modeling and Data Wrangaling

  Build your Network

A career in data science opens up the possibility of rewarding and exciting work. Build your network and help grow your career

  • Learn from and connect with world-leading data science experts

  • Stop by our Career Expo and meet top hiring companies like Google, DataRobot, and dozens of others

  • Join our various networking events, such as Meet the Speakers, Meet the Experts, Dinner with Data Scientists; plus other networking opportunities

  • Network with hundreds of data science attendees to learn what it’s like to be a data scientist


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Choose your Pass

Monday  | Fundamentals | 8 Sessions

Career Expo Access | Monday

Career Expo Access | Tuesday

Tue & Wed | Data Science Training  - 40 Sessions

Thursday | Workshops & Talks - 30 Sessions

Friday | Workshops & Talks - 30 Sessions

3 Day - Training


3 Days

Purchase Separately

Purchase Separately

5 Day - Platinum Training


All 5 Days


Dimitri Theoharatos
Dimitri Theoharatos

Instructor, Data Scientist | Scribd, Metis

Phil Tracton
Phil Tracton

Instructor, Principal IC Design Engineer | UCLA Extension, Medtronic

Nico Van de Bovenkamp
Nico Van de Bovenkamp

ETP Data Scientist, Instructor | Nielsen, General Assembly

Jake Dailey
Jake Dailey

Lead Data Scientist | Nielsen

Dr. Kirk Borne
Dr. Kirk Borne

Principal Data Scientist | Booz Allen Hamilton

Jared Lander
Jared Lander

Chief Data Scientist, Author of R for Everyone, Professor | Lander Analytics, Columbia Business School

Dr. Jon Krohn
Dr. Jon Krohn

Chief Data Scientist, Author of Deep Learning Illustrated | Untapt

Dean Attali
Dean Attali

Founder & Lead R-Shiny Consultant | AttaliTech Ltd

Lukas Biewald
Lukas Biewald

Founder | Weights & Biases

Adam Breindel
Adam Breindel

Apache Spark Expert, Data Science Instructor and Consultant

Steven Pousty, PhD
Steven Pousty, PhD

Director of Developer Relations | Crunchy Data

Paul Kowalczyk, PhD
Paul Kowalczyk, PhD

Senior Data Scientist | Solvay

Eric Ma, PhD
Eric Ma, PhD

Author of nxviz Package

Innovation Women

Andreas Mueller, PhD
Andreas Mueller, PhD

Author, Research Scientist, Core Contributor of scikit-learn | Columbia Data Science Institute

Oliver Zeigermann
Oliver Zeigermann

Consultant | embarc / bSquare

Pieter Abbeel, PhD
Pieter Abbeel, PhD

Professor & Director of the Robot Learning Lab, Co-Founder, Advisor | UC Berkeley, OpenAI

Christian Hidber, PhD
Christian Hidber, PhD

Consultant | bSquare

Stacey Svetlichnaya
Stacey Svetlichnaya

Deep Learning Engineer | Weights & Biases

Who Should Attend


  • Beginners pursuing data science careers

  • Those trying to decide on the right path

  • Business Analysts and Data Analysts seeking new skills


  • Data Scientists

  • Data Engineers

  • ML Engineers

  • Software Engineers


  • Citizen Data Scientists

  • Data Wranglers

  • Data Science 4 Good

  • Data Journalists