Special Offer 2 for 1 Deal : Free Access to the Deep Learning Bootcamp

Register for an ODSC East virtual or in-person Bootcamp Pass to get free access to acclaimed instructor and bestselling author of Deep Learning Illustrated, Dr. Jon Krohn’s upcoming Deep Learning virtual Bootcamp. This bootcamp comprises of 6 courses, totaling 21 hours of online instruction, and is valued at $699. But, you’d better act fast, this offer ends Friday.

Key Facts

  • Become a deep learning expert in 2022!
  • Live virtual with Dr. Jon Krohn
  • Each course includes hands-on training & exercises
  • 6 live courses (3.5 hours)
  • 21 hours total instruction       
  • On-demand will be available
  • Course costs $699; Free with ODSC Bootcamp  

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Why Wait? Start Today

20% Last Chance | Offer ends in:



Kick-start your career in data science in 3 immersive days. Get the skills you need, taught by world-renowned experts.

ODSC Kickstart Bootcamp is the best way to gain in-demand machine learning skills in the shortest time with minimum investment

A truly immersive experience, you will access a range of industry-focused data science topics on a scale not offered elsewhere. Uniquely, you will also gain invaluable insights by networking and connecting with hundreds of data science attendees, world-renowned instructors, industry experts, and dozens of top companies seeking the next wave of talent.


Get Prepped

With Prerequisites training, you can start learning the fundamentals. Learn programming, SQL, and basic math skills.

 3 or 4-day Immersive

From April 18 to 21, join our 3-day live immersive Kickstart Bootcamp. Get hands-on experience in machine learning and deep learning.

Continue Learning

After immersive training, you will be perfectly positioned to continue learning. WIth Ai+ on-demand training and discounted live training, you can learn at your own pace. 

Get Help 

Each attendee gets a certificate of completion and access to office hours. Jobseeker will be featured in our Ai+ Career job portal with 40+ hiring companies. 

Specialization Tracks

  • Machine Learning with Python

    • Mathematics for Data Science
    • Programming with Data: Python and Pandas
    • Hands-on Machine Learning with scikit-learn
    • Machine Learning at Scale using Apache Spark
    • Supervised Learning for Missing Data
    • Causal Inference for Data Science
    • Meta-learning for Machine Learning
    • Cybersecurity in ML
    • Reinforcement Learning with TF-Agents
    • Reinforcement Learning for Human Language
  • Deep Learning

    • Intro to Neural Networks for Deep Learning
    • PyTorch Hands-on Training
    • Deep Reinforcement Learning
    • Deep Learning with Tensorflow
    • Recommendation Systems with Deep Learning
    • Deep Learning with Keras
    • TFF (Tensorflow Federated Learning)
    • How to Identify Deepfakes
    • Deep Learning CNNs and GANs
  • Data Engineering / MLOps

    • Mathematics for Data Science
    • SQL for Data Science
    • Deploying ML Pipelines with Open-data
    • Kubeflow & Kubernetes
    • Auto Machine Learning
    • Debugging Machine Learning
    • Introducing Flyte
    • Reproducible Data Science in Pachyderm
    • Data Science Best Practices: Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning
  • NLP

    • Introduction to NLP and Topic Modeling
    • Transfer Learning in NLP
    • Training NLP Models with Deep Reinforcement Learning
    • State-of-the-Art NLP in TensorFlow and PyTorch
    • Active Learning for Data Labeling
    • NLP with LSTMs (Deep learning)
    • Using HuggingFace Transformers for NLP
  • Data Analytics

    • Statistics and Probability Distribution
    • Big Data using Spark
    • Streaming Analytics
    • Augmented Analytics
    • Decision Analytics
    • Graph Analytics
    • No-Sql
    • In-memory computing

Live sessions include, but are not limited to, the ones listed below.

Dive Deeper

Get hands-on experience in job-ready skills

East 2022 Mini-Bootcamp Overview

Begin your data science training with pre-conference, live, and on-demand training to build confidence in the fundamentals. Steadily progress through the Bootcamp week with our hands-on training and expert-led sessions and workshops. Post-conference, take advantage of our continuing on-demand training sessions. Refer to the timeline below.

Pre-Bootcamp On-demand Training

Get started in your learning track with free access to introductory concepts with short, to-the-point and industry driven on-demand courses.

Schedule: Self-paced

Note: only accessible to 3-Day and 4-Day Bootcamp registrants.

Pre-Bootcamp and Live Training Warm up

Get started in your learning track with free access to October Live Training courses to learn concepts with short, to-the-point, and industry-driven training. Full schedule coming soon and previous sessions included

Note: only accessible to Bootcamp registrants.

Bootcamp Day 1 : Beginner Level SEssions (April 18th) (Virtual Only)

Choose from in-person and virtual live sessions. Includes training sessions, workshops, and tutorials. Here are examples from previous mini-boot camps. Full schedule coming soon.

  • Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics for Machine Learning
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Introduction to ML using scikit-learn
  • Introduction to Neural Networks for Deep Learning

Bootcamp Day 2 & 3 : Beginner to Intermediate Level (April 19th - 20th) (Virtual/In-Person)

Choose from in-person and virtual live sessions. Includes training sessions, workshops, and tutorials. Here are examples from previous mini-boot camps. Full schedule coming soon.

  • Introduction to Intermediate Deep Learning with Tensorflow
  • Deep Learning with Keras
  • Transfer Learning in NLP
  • Causal Reinforcement Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning with TF-Agents
  • Tackling Climate Change with Machine learning
  • Security and Privacy in ML
  • Kubeflow & Kubernetes
  • Building Machine Learning Pipelines

Bootcamp Day 4: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Level (April 21st) (Virtual/In-Person)

Choose from in-person and virtual live sessions. Includes training sessions, workshops, and tutorials. Here are examples from previous mini-boot camps. Full schedule coming soon.

  • Advanced Deep Learning with Tensorflow
  • Reinforcement Learning for Human Language
  • NLP Word Embeddings
  • Deep Learning for Detecting DeepFakes
  • Machine Learning at Scale using Apache Spark
  • Augmented & Decision Analytics

Post Conference : 1-year Premium Subscription on the Ai+ Training

What is included

  • Foundations for Machine Learning Bootcamp: 14 On-Demand Sessions
  • Machine Learning Certification
  • Certification Assessments and Badges
  • Entire On-Demand Training Library (50 + courses) and All Previous ODSC Conference recordings (500+ sessions)
  • Monthly Webinars
  • All Assessments (Skills, Feedback, Coding Proficiency and Coding Proficiency Exam)
  • Certificate of Completion for Every course 

And much more. See everything that is included  here

Bootcamp Office Hours

Office Hours will be offer in the months prior to the bootcamp

  • Answer questions on the ODSC West Bootcamp program
  • Understand program content
  • Find out what courses are available on Ai+
  • Get help with assignments on Ai+

Choose your Pass

Monday | Virtual Mini-Bootcamp Training Sessions 

Premium 1-Year Subscription to AI+ Training (value =  $700)

Access to All Virtual Sessions & Events (Tue-Thu)

ODSC Keynotes & Talks (Wed-Thu)

Prep Training: live and On-demand (value = $499)

On-demand Access to All Conference recordings 

Access to AI Solution Showcase Expo Area (Wed-Thu) 

Access to ODSC In-Person Workshops & Training Sessions (Tue&Thu) 

Access to In-person Mini-Bootcamp Training Sessions


Virtual Mini-Bootcamp 


Door price - $1623 - SAVE $974





Door price - $3198 - SAVE $1919 


Bootcamp Experience

Virtual Experience

In-Person Experience

Learn from the Best

Our mission is to provide you with applied training from some of the top instructors in the field. Confirmed ODSC East instructors Coming Soon:

On-Demand Post Conference Training  
With Each ODSC Bootcamp pass, you get a 1 year Ai+ on-demand hands-on training subscription (Value $700)

Ai+ is the only hands-on training platform solely developed for AI practitioners. Keep training with the top names in the industry. Free for 1 year with an ODSC East Bootcamp pass.

Learn More
Discover Your Bootcamp Learning Path

East Virtual Mini-Bootcamp Overview

What You’ll Learn

 Learn Fundamentals

Prep for your immersive training by learning core fundamentals, including:

  • Fundamentals of Python Programming

  • Data Analysis in Python

  • Introduction to Statistics for Data Science

  • Fundamental Analytics for Data Engineering

Learn Frameworks & Tools

Get hands-on experience with in-demand data science tools and frameworks, including:

  • Python, Jupyter Notebooks

  • R programming, Julia, Scala, Stan

  • Apache Spark, MLlib, Streaming

  • Tensorflow, MXNet, Caffe, CNTK

  • Scikit-learn, Theano, Shogun, Pylearn2

Learn Core Topics

Get hands-on experience in the most important data science topics with over 40 beginner to intermediate sessions to choose from, including

  • Deep Learning

  • Reinforcement Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Machine Learning

  • Transfer Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Text Analytics

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Modeling and Data Wrangling

  Build your Network

A career in data science opens up the possibility of rewarding and exciting work. Build your network and help grow your career

  • Learn from and connect with world-leading data science experts

  • Stop by our Career Expo and meet top hiring companies like Google, DataRobot, and dozens of others

  • Join our various networking events, such as Meet the Speakers, Meet the Experts, Dinner with Data Scientists; plus other networking opportunities

  • Network with hundreds of data science attendees to learn what it’s like to be a data scientist

Some of Our Previous ODSC Instructors

Learn More About Our Program

Companies Represented at ODSC Bootcamp

We’re Proud to Have the Best and Brightest in Attendance

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