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East 2019 Preliminary Schedule

We are delighted to announce our East 2019 Preliminary Schedule which lists ~45% of our sessions.  Session times will be added in the coming week in addition to more talks, workshop, and training sessions. 
East Career Expo
Saturday, May 4th
Saturday, May 4th
Chart Your Course: Finding Data Science Role That Sparks Joy

Career Expo Talk


On first visit, the field of data science can look like a vast uncharted wilderness. In this session, we’ll take an aerial tour of data science’s major subfields and explore strategies for acquiring skills in each of them. Most importantly, we will talk about how to choose where to invest your limited study and development time. By the time we are done, you will have a better map of the data science territory and feel more comfortable charting a path that is both satisfying and professionally rewarding.

One way to split data science into subfields is Analysis, Engineering, and Modeling. Analysis focuses on the question of what decisions we can make using the data we have. Modeling focuses on the question of how can we estimate the data that we wish we had. And engineering focuses on how to do it all faster, more robustly, and at greater scale. We will step through each of these sub fields, what skills they include, and what training they typically require. We will also talk about how to customize your own Data science resume, whether it is specializing in one of the three data science subfields, striking a balance between them, or diving deep in all three areas in a particular application domain…more details

Chart Your Course: Finding Data Science Role That Sparks Joy image
Brandon Rohrer, PhD
Data Scientist, Instructor | Facebook, End-to-End Machine Learning
How Competing In Data Mining competitions Makes You A Great Data Scientist!

Career Expo Talk


Over the recent years, data mining competitions have gained a good amount of interest and attention. This might be partly due to seemingly lucrative prize money – 1 Million for the Netflix Prize and 3 Million for the Heritage Health Prize along with a good amount of stardom. In addition, companies increasingly use Kaggle as a hunting ground for talent extending job interviews to the highest ranking submissions. Despite the apparent upside – performing well on these competitions against seasoned ‘competition professionals’ is incredibly difficult and can be exceedingly frustrating for a junior graduate trying to land his or her first data science job. However, even if you fail to perform up to your own expectations – participating in competitions is an incredibly valuable learning experience as a rite of passage towards becoming a good or even great data scientist. While it is now called a ‘science’ – the truth of handling data is that it much more resembles a craft than a science. It is experience rather than understanding and memorizing ‘laws of nature’ that will shape you into a good data scientist. It is not the fancy algorithm you know, but the oddities in the data you can spot. The more data sets of greater variety you have touched and perhaps failed to model, the better a data scientist you will be!..more details

How Competing In Data Mining competitions Makes You A Great Data Scientist! image
Claudia Perlich, PhD
Senior Data Scientist | Two Sigma
Data Science Resume Review

Career Expo Talk


Coming soon!…more details

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Cathy Chute
Executive Director | Harvard's Institute for Applied Computational Science
Data Science Team at Wayfair

Career Expo Talk


Coming soon!..more details

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Masoum Mosmer
Data Science | Wayfair
Effective Communication is Key to Furthering Your Data Science Career

Career Expo Talk


Clearly communicating complex material is what will differentiate you as a data scientist. In this talk, we’ll cover models I’ve built throughout my career, and how I could have more effectively communicated with my stakeholders to build trust and establish myself as a thought partner. Leveraging these communication skills, we’ll cover how to tackle some of the most popular behavioral interview questions for data science positions…more details

Effective Communication is Key to Furthering Your Data Science Career image
Kristen Kehrer
Founder | Data Moves Me, LLC
Data Science at Agero

Career Expo Talk


In this talk we’ll shed some light on how Agero leverages data to help millions of stranded drivers get the help they need every year. Specifically we will highlight how the Data team fits into the present and future of Agero, and some lessons that we’ve learned as we’ve grown over the past few years. We’ll review take-aways from some projects that have gone really well, and some that haven’t. We’ll introduce the Agile process that we’ve implemented to make sure we’re delivering insights in a timely manner. Lastly we’ll discuss some of the challenges that we face as a data team at the center of a rapidly evolving company and what we’re planning for the coming year to stay ahead of the curve…more details

Data Science at Agero image
Michael Bell, PhD
Director, Data Science & Analytics | Agero
Transition Your Career To Data Science

Career Expo Talk


Data science may sound exciting, but how do you actually get your first job as a data scientist? Whether you’re currently a student or making a mid-career change, figuring out how to get started in a career in data science can feel daunting. Compounding the fact that “data science” is still a relatively broadly-defined term, there are an overwhelming number of resources available for learning technical skills that may or may not be relevant and can be difficult to prioritize. In this talk, we’ll lay out some of the possible ways to transition to a career in data science. We’ll help you define the target outcome by discussing the different flavors of data science roles that exist. Then we’ll work backwards and discuss the concrete things you can do to get to that goal…more details

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David Borrelli, PhD
Data Science Program Director | Insight Data Science
Balancing Life Today And Dreams For Tomorrow

Career Expo Talk


* Understanding your company retirement benefits;
* The importance of evaluating your complete financial picture;
* Financial and physical health intertwined;
* Women and the income gap;
* Finding a work life balance;
* The ultimate goal: retirement…more details

Balancing Life Today And Dreams For Tomorrow image
Caitlin Peloquin
Financial Advisor | Ameriprise
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