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May 2nd to May 3rd 2019

ODSC Livestream & Recordings

Hear from the best and brightest in data science and AI. Topics include:

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ODSC has become a must-go event in data science and machine learning.

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Experience ODSC live. See why ODSC has a reputation for hosting one of the leading conferences in data science. Get access to content that can provide key insights and quickly boost your knowledge of AI

Best of the Best

Our Livestream brings you of the best of the best. Based on pre-registration popularity we bring you both the top speakers and the most highly anticipated sessions to ensure you get the best of ODSC East 2019

The Rest

We record most of our talks and workshop sessions.  Available after the conference, you will get access to an unparalleled selection of the latest breakthroughs, frameworks, models, and topics in data science

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One Day Livestream Pass | Access  two tracks on May 2nd that includes 3 keynotes and 12 breakout sessions

Two Day Livestream Pass | Access  two track on May 2nd & 3rd that includes 6 keynotes and 24 breakout sessions

All Access Livestream Pass | Access two track on May 2nd & 3rd that includes 6 keynotes and 22 breakout sessions PLUS get access to ALL ODSC recording of talks and workshops