Boston | April 30-May 3, 2019

Data Visualization Track

Explore the beauty of visualization
brought to you by the world’s most creative minds

Data Visualization

The Open Data Visualization Conference is co-located with ODSC EAST to bring together the world’s most creative minds that are changing the way we visualize, understand, and interact with data. Join a community of designers, data scientists, and developers to learn the art of storytelling, information communication, and data visualization using the latest open source tools and techniques.

This conference brings together top data visualization experts to demonstrate this essential skill. We have multiple talks, workshops and and interactive presentations to help further your skills and understanding of creating beautiful, insightful, and actionable data graphics and visuals.

Sample of Previous Speakers

Max Humber
Max Humber

Data Engineer at WealthSimple

Hillary Green-Lerman
Hillary Green-Lerman

Curriculum Designer and Data Science Manager at Codeacademy

Dr. Fatena El-Masri
Dr. Fatena El-Masri

Senior Financial Analyst at FDIC

Lindsay Brin
Lindsay Brin

Data Scientist at T4G Limited

Mark Schindler
Mark Schindler

Co-founder & Managing Director at

Theresa Marie Rhyne
Theresa Marie Rhyne

Author of Applying Color Theory to Digital Media and Visualization

Evanthia Dimara
Evanthia Dimara

PhD Candidate at INRA

Peter Bull
Peter Bull

Co-founder and Data Scientist at DrivenData

Andy Eschbacher
Andy Eschbacher

Spatial Data Scientist at CARTO

You Will Meet

The Open Data Visualization Conference is where industry’s top creative minds gather to discuss and shape the most exciting trends and topics in data visualization. Whether you are a data visualization expert, or just starting your journey on better data presentation, this is the conference for you.

  • Thought leaders working in data science

  • Data visualization professionals

  • Graphic artists

  • Data Scientists

  • UX designers

  • Business intelligence experts

  • Graphic designers

  • Media & Publishing Data Storytellers

  • Startup Founders and Executives

Why Attend?

Organizations are now understanding the need to break down big data to make it intuitive, insightful and actionable. Be among the first to understand the power of data visualization.

Immerse yourself in two days of in-depth talks and workshops on data visualization and data science topics, tools, and languages.

Get full access to the full suite of recorded presentations on-demand post conference.

With an incredible lineup, this event will provide the training and insight for professionals who understand their organization’s need to deliver compelling data visualization.

Get access to the Open Data Visualization Conference plus 5 other co-located conferences including open data science, big data science, and disruptive data science.

Connect with peers and top industry professionals at our many networking events to discover your next job, service, product or startup.

Here are Samples of What you’ll Learn

  • Talk: Datafy All Things

  • Talk: Creating a Data-Driven Product Culture

  • Training: Python Tutorial for Computational Finance

  • Talk: Visualization throughout the data science workflow: Why it’s useful, and how not to lie

  • Training: Synthesizing Data Visualization and User Experience

  • Training: Analyzing Space – Spatial Data Science Methods

  • Workshop: The Magic of Dimensionality Reduction

  • Talk: The Wonder Twins: Data Science and Human Centered Design.

  • And many more!

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