ODSC East 2019 Speakers

We have an incredible lineup of some of the best and brightest expert speakers and core contributors in data science

New speakers will be added weekly

ODSC will host more than 250 presenters. Speaker profiles are added weekly. Check back for updates.
A.I. for Engineers
Accelerate AI W19
Advanced E19
Advanced W19
AI for Engineers E19
AI for Engineers W19
AI in Business E19
Beginner E19
Beginner W19
Big Data
Career Lab Talks NYC19
Data for Good
Data Science
Data Visualization E19
Data Visualization W19
Deep Learning E19
Deep Learning W19
DevOps & Management E19
DevOps & Management W19
DS for Good E19
DS for Good W19
East 2017
East 2017 Workshop
Europe 2017
Europe 2017 Training
Europe 2017 Workshop
Europe 2018 Accelerate AI
Europe 2018 Keynote
Europe 2018 Talks
Europe 2018 Training
Europe 2018 Workshops
Expertise W19
Innovation W19
Intermediate E19
Intermediate W19
Keynote NYC19
Keynotes E19
Keynotes W19
Kickstarter E19
Kickstarter W19
Machine Learning E19
Machine Learning W19
Management W19
Open Source E19
Open Source W19
Quant Finance E19
Research Frontiers E19
Research Frontiers W19
Talks E19
Talks W19
Track Keynote E19
Track Keynote W19
Trainings E19
Trainings W19
Tutorials E19
Tutorials W19
West 2017 Talks
West 2017 Trainings
West 2017 Workshop
West 2018 Accelerate AI
West 2018 Keynote
West 2018 Talks
West 2018 Training
West 2018 Workshops
Workshops & Trainings NYC19
Workshops E19
Workshops W19

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