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ODSC East 2021 Virtual TrainingMar 30th to April 1st

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Our ability to learn what we need for tomorrow is more important than what we know today

George Siemens
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Key Reasons to Send Your Team to ODSC 

Upskill Your Team

3 days of learning and work-enhancing experiences with the latest languages, tools, frameworks, and models in Data Science.
  • Sessions presented by some of the top instructors and practitioners in the AI space.
  • Certificate of Completion after completing a post-event assessment.
  • The skills and knowledge acquired have immediate impact in your organization. Instant ROI

Encourage Innovation

Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees.
  • Propel your team out of its comfort zone; training and upskilling encourages new ideas.
  • Investing time and money shows employees they are being valued.
  • Build a strong company reputation  by  focusing on employee development. Keep the talent and reduce employee turnover.

Introduce Networked Learning

ODSC stands by the concept of Networked Learning, learning based on the idea of networks and connectivity.
  • Join the fastest growing network of AI practitioners, sharing knowledge, projects, failures…
  • Team bonding through learning together, interacting with thought leaders and peers, along with a bit of fun.
  • Learning and knowledge rests in diversity of opinions.

Current Data Science Training Instructors 

East Trainings
-Tuesday, 30th March
-Wednesday, 31st March
Thursday, 1st April
East Workshops & Tutorials
-Tuesday, 30th March
-Wednesday, 31st March
Thursday, 1st April