MAY 9-11th

– Boost your machine learning and deep learning skills – 

Taught by World-Class Data Scientists Learn the latest concepts, tools, and techniques from the best in the field. Forge a connection with these rock stars from the industry and academia, who are passionate about molding the next generation of data scientists.

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Beginner to Advanced Level Training

From the Leading Instructors in the Industry

Machine Learning

  • Meta-learning for Machine Learning

  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Federated Learning for Data Privacy

  • Explainable AI and Bias in machine learning

  • Machine Learning at Scale using Apache Spark

  • Safety & Robustness in Machine Learning Modeling

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Causal Inference with Machine Learning

Deep Learning

  • Deep Reinforcement learning

  • Deep Learning with PyTorch & Tensorflow

  • Deep Learning Deep Dive

  • Computer Vision 1/2 Day Training

  • Deep Learning with Keras

  • Introduction to Deep learning

  • Deepfakes Tutorial

  • Graph Representation Learning


  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Transfer Learning in NLP

  • Introduction to NLP and Topic Modeling

  • NLP Pre-trained Transformer Models with Bert, Ernie,, and GPT-2

  • State-of-the-Art NLP with PyTorch and Tensorflow

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Hugging Face Transformer Library Workshop

  • Applications of NLP; Sentiment Analysis, Dialog Systems, and Semantic Search


  • Machine Learning for Cyber Security

  • Real-time Streaming Analytics

  • MLOps and Machine Learning Pipelines

  • Introduction to Machine Learning Using scikit-learn

  • Auto Machine Learning (AutoML)

  • Distributed Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Data Analysis with Python Pandas

  • Machine Learning Workflow with Kubeflow & Kubernetes

East 2022 Preliminary Training and Workshop Schedule

We are delighted to announce our East 2022 Schedule!

ODSC East Trainings & Workshops
----Monday, 18th April
---Tuesday, 19th April
--Wednesday, 20th April
-Thursday, 21st April