October 27th – 30th, 2020

AI for Social Good

Applying AI to help solve social, climate, and humanitarian challenges

Data Science for Good Track

As data proliferates and becomes more freely available, the power of driving impact in social sector increases. 

  • See the many ways organizations are applying their data science infrastructure in the name of making the world a better place.
  • Learn through stories of success and failures, and core practices that are implemented by change makers in the social sector that can differ from industry and academia.
  • Get exposed to data science & Machine learning workflows and models being utilized steered towards causes like climate change, agriculture, socio-economic impacts, disaster management etc.


You Will Meet

  • Principal Researchers 

  • AI for Good Activists

  • Program Designers

  • Nonprofit Professionals

  • Social Service Professionals

  • Government Agencies

Why Attend?

Network and connect with like minded attendees to discover non profits and volunteer opportunities.

Apply your data science skills to improve the lives of others.

Discover how you can more effectively harness and gain value from your data by solving real world problems.

Learn how to use the skills and tools of corporations & governments, to make a lasting impact on future generations.

Current DS for Social Good Speakers

Previous DS for Social Good Speakers

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