Get Hired at ODSC West

Looking for your dream job in data science?


Come to ODSC West 2018 Career fair On Nov 2nd and 3rd
@San Francisco Hyatt Regency Airport Hotel

Career Fair

Representatives from top data science companies will be seeking talented individuals at ODSC West. Stop by the career fair and bring your A-game.  You could get hired in no time. 


With multiple networking opportunities at ODSC West, you are bound to connect with potential employers, and make some new friends along the way.

Upload your Resume & get a free ticket.

Upload your resume here to receive a free ticket to the ODSC West 2018 Career Fair. Many of our partners are currently hiring including IBM, Google, SAS, UpTake, DataRobot, Wayfair and more. 

If you’re are not able to upload your resume here, please e-mail your resume to

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Interested in Hiring at the Career Fair?

Employers are Seeking:

  • Data Scientists

  • Software Engineers

  • Cyber Security Engineers

  • Web & Mobile Developers

  • Data Science Instructors

  • Machine Learning Engineers

  • Data Visualization Developers

  • Analytics Directors

  • Hadoop Architects

Who is Hiring?


Enter the job lounge and chat face to face with hiring representatives from top data science companies. Bring a copy of your resume to showcase your skillset.


Hiring representatives will have the option to interview potential candidates in the private interview rooms.

Get Hired

Bring your A game and you could land your dream data science job in no time.

Job Lounge

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