San Francisco | Oct 31st-Nov 3rd, 2018

Data Science Research

The Most Advanced Active Research, Summarized

Data Science Research Tracks

Rapid Pace of Advancement

Data Science is a broad field and advancing at a tremendous pace. Every few months new research, models, and advances are announced.  For data science practitioners it’s essential to keep abreast of the latest advances. However, given the demands on our time that can be a daunting task.

The Most Advanced Research, Summarized

The Data Science Research track is the first of its kind.  Instead of having to parse the contents of countless papers or attend academic conferences we bring the best to you.  World-class academics, researchers, and professionals summarize the latest research across focus areas and detail what’s important.  This accelerates your insights on the latest research and serves as a foundation for more in-depth analysis.

A sample of our West 2017 speakers

Neil Lawrence, PhD
Neil Lawrence, PhD

Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Sheffield & Director of Machine Learning at Amazon Research

Kaz Sato
Kaz Sato

Leading Staff Developer Advocate at Google. Deep Learning TensorFlow & Machine Learning Expert

Thomas Wiecki, PhD
Thomas Wiecki, PhD

Director of Data Science at Quantopian which uses machine learning to build the world’s first crowdsourced hedge fund

Margriet Groenendijk
Margriet Groenendijk

Developer Advocate at IBM

Yves Hilpisch, PhD
Yves Hilpisch, PhD

Lecturer and Author of Derivatives Analytics with Python and Python for Finance. Founder of PyQuants

André Balleyguier
André Balleyguier

Lead Client-Facing Data Scientist (Europe) at DataRobot

Jared Lander
Jared Lander

Statistics Professor at Columbia University and Author of R for Everyone

Barbara Fusinska
Barbara Fusinska

Data Science and Machine Learning / Deep Learning expert. Data Solution Architect at Microsoft

Chris Fregly
Chris Fregly

Founder and Research Scientist at PipelineIO, Apache Spark Contributor, Author of the upcoming book, Advanced Spark

Active Research Focus Areas

Data science is a broad and expanding field which many areas of study. Here are some of the main areas that our presenting researchers will be addressing:
  • Neural Networks

  • Machine Learning

  • Transfer Learning

  • Machine Vision

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Quantitative Finance

  • Speach Recognition

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Graph Theory

  • Network Analysis

  • Data Visualization

  • Anomaly Detection

Why Attend?

Hear from world-class researchers and academics on the top areas of active research

Take time out of your busy schedule to accelerate your knowledge on the latest advances in data science

Be the first amongst your peers to grasp changes that will affect the field in the next few years

Take advantage of and chose from another 120 talks, tutorials and workshops at ODSC West

Learn directly from top researchers what works and what doesn’t 

Connect and network with academics, research, and fellow professionals

Meet with peers and professional looking to learn, connect, and collaborate

Get access to other focus area content including ML / DL, Data Visualization, Quant finance, and Open Data Science

Who Should Attend

The Data Science Research track will prove invaluable to those of us looking to quickly understand in detail the topics that matter most in data science now

  • Experienced data scientists

  • Students and academics

  • Software engineers and architects

  • Business professionals interested in data science advancements

  • Experts from other domains looking to leverage data science

  • Beginners interested in the latest research

  • Researchers from academia and industry

  • Industry professionals

  • Technologists interested new data science applications

  • Industry experts looking to access the impact of data science

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