Search & Filter Schedule Guide

  • To view the session schedule for any given day click on the dates on the top menu bar below.
  • To view the session type, such as training or workshops, click on the checkboxes below the date bar.  You can select multiple sessions types by checking multiple boxes.
  • To view a given focus area or session set, please click the blue menu buttons in the vertical menu on the left.  You can filter multiple session sets or click on more than one.  Unfilter by clicking again.
  • To search the schedule, use the search box above the blue vertical menus.
  • To see the speaker details click the session.
  • Sessions are subject to change in the run up to the conference.
  • To see a different schedule view that shows sessions listed by day, click here.
  • To see a high-level schedule overview, click here.

ODSC West 2019 | Oct 28th - Nov 1st

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