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Training & Workshop Sessions

– Taught by World-Class Data Scientists –

Learn the latest data science concepts, tools, and techniques from the best. Forge a connection with these rock stars from the industry and academia, who are passionate about molding the next generation of data scientists.

Past Instructors

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Past Confirmed Workshops/Training Sessions

Tuning Hyperparameters with Reproducible Experiments 

GANs: Theory and Practice, Image Synthesis With GANs Using TensorFlow

Build a Question Answering System using DistilBERT in Python

A Complete Real-Time Data Application in 90 Minutes: from Kafka to Streamlit

Sound Classification and Detection with STFT and CNNs

Jennifer Dawn Davis, PhD and Andrea Lowe, PhD | Staff Field Data Scientist and Training & Enablement Engineer | Domino Data Labs

Practical Reinforcement Learning for Data Scientists

Data, I/O, and TensorFlow: Building a Reliable Machine Learning Data Pipeline

How to Optimize using Uplift Predictive Models and Uplift Prescriptive Analytics

Kai-Wei Chang | Director, Assistant Professor | UCLA NLP, UCLA CS

Transferable Representation Learning in NLP

Hannes Hapke | Machine Learning | Digits

Unstructured Text with Transformers

Filipa Peleja, PhD | Lead Data Scientist | Levi Strauss & Co

MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) From Model to Production

Kumaran Ponnambalam | Big Data, Data Science & Analytics Leader | Cisco

Building a ML Serving Platform at Scale for Natural Language Processing

Operationalization of Models Developed and Deployed in Heterogeneous Platforms

Deep Dive into Reinforcement Learning with PPO using TF-Agents & TensorFlow 2.0

Get Started with Time-Series Forecasting using the Google Cloud AI Platform

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

More Training Sessions Coming Soon

Machine Learning

  • Meta-learning for Machine Learning

  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Federated Learning for Data Privacy

  • Explainable AI and Bias in machine learning

  • Machine Learning at Scale using Apache Spark

  • Safety & Robustness in Machine Learning Modeling

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Causal Inference with Machine Learning

Deep Learning

  • Deep Reinforcement learning

  • Deep Learning with PyTorch & Tensorflow

  • Deep Learning Deep Dive

  • Computer Vision 1/2 Day Training

  • Deep Learning with Keras

  • Introduction to Deep learning

  • Deepfakes Tutorial

  • Graph Representation Learning


  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Transfer Learning in NLP

  • Introduction to NLP and Topic Modeling

  • NLP Pre-trained Transformer Models with Bert, Ernie,, and GPT-2

  • State-of-the-Art NLP with PyTorch and Tensorflow

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Hugging Face Transformer Library Workshop

  • Applications of NLP; Sentiment Analysis, Dialog Systems, and Semantic Search


  • Machine Learning for Cyber Security

  • Real-time Streaming Analytics

  • MLOps and Machine Learning Pipelines

  • Introduction to Machine Learning Using scikit-learn

  • Auto Machine Learning (AutoML)

  • Distributed Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Data Analysis with Python Pandas

  • Machine Learning Workflow with Kubeflow & Kubernetes

Training & Workshop Sessions

– Taught by World-Class Data Scientists –

Learn the latest data science concepts, tools, and techniques from the best. Forge a connection with these rock stars from industry and academia, who are passionate about molding the next generation of data scientists.
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Pre-Conference Live Training 
Join one of the October Ai+ Live Training Sessions (a $210) value for free when you purchase an ODSC West Virtual Platinum or In-Person Gold, Platinum, or VIP Pass.


This hands-on course is organized into four lessons. Your learning journey starts with an introduction to NLP, reviewing its evolution over the past 70 years. Then you’ll be introduced two more popular open-source NLP libraries ( and Hugging Face) and perform state-of-the-art NLP.  Followed by retracing how NLP advanced over the last decade and experienced its breakout moment in 2018. Finally, putting theory to practice and develop your own named entity recognition and text classification models using spaCy.


By the end of this live, hands-on, online course, you’ll understand what MLOps is, how to get started using MLOps and best practices for MLOps. You’ll be able to perform Continuous Integration for Python ML Projects, use the AWS Cloud for MLOps development, create Containerized workflows for MLOps, create Flask and CLI Services for Python ML Projects.


You’ll understand in detail how Gradient Boosting models are fit as an ensemble of decision trees and apply that understanding to the feature engineering process, the various parameters of Gradient Boosting and their relative importance and how to appropriately choose them and gain familiarity with the various Gradient Boosting packages and the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of each. You will also learn how to interpret, understand, and evaluate a model: both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Ai+ is the only hands-on training platform solely developed for AI practitioners. Keep training with the top names in the industry. Free for 6 months with an ODSC West Platinum pass.

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ODSC Training Includes

Opportunities to form working relationships with some of the world’s top data scientists for follow-up questions and advice.

Access to 40+ training sessions  and 70+ workshops.

Hands-on experience with the latest frameworks and breakthroughs in data science.

Affordable training–equivalent training at other conferences costs much more.

Professionally prepared learning materials, custom- tailored to each course.

Opportunities to connect with other ambitious, like-minded data scientists.

Highly Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are highly regarded in data science, coming from both industry and academia.

Real World Applications

Gain the skills and knowledge to use data science in your career and business, without breaking the bank.

Cutting Edge Subject Matter

Find training sessions offered on a wide variety of data science topics, from machine learning to data visualization.

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