ODSC West Workshops

32 hands-on workshop sessions with some of the best and brightest minds in Data Science

Workshop Focus Areas

Deep Learning and Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning with scikit-learn

  • Deep Neural Networks with Keras

  • Deep learning with TensorFlow

  • Recommendation System Architecture and Algorithms

  • Advanced Machine Learning with Apache Spark

  • Additional workshops to be announced

Data Visualization & Big Data Science

  • Time-series forecasting at scale with Prophet

  • R-Shiny for Data Visualization

  • Data visualization Storytelling Workshop

  • Geo-Spatial Data Visualization using R

  • Machine Learning at scale with Apache Spark

  • Additional workshops to be announced

Open Data Science

  • Monitoring AI for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Voice AI developer workshop

  • Recommender systems with open source tools

  • Virtual agents and chatbots workshop

  • Machine Vision workshop

  • Speech recognition and NLP

  • Additional workshops to be announced

Data Science Kickstart

  • Deep Learning From Scratch Using Python

  • Introduction to Data Science using R

  • Deep learning for absolute beginners

  • Introduction for Machine Learning

  • Text analytics and NLP workshop

  • Introduction to Python for Science

  • Additional workshops to be announced

Some of our Workshop Instructors

Additional Instructors to be Announced

West 2017 Workshop

Please note that all workshops are included with ANY ticket to ODSC WEST 2017. Workshops titles and presenters are subject to change prior to the conference. Please check the schedule for the latest information.  Workshop seating is on a first-come basis

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