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September 22, 2018. Join us. 

Cut down the hassle of posting online, collecting resumes and then calling potential candidates. We put the right candidates in front of you. Prescreen potential candidates in person and make an educated decision. 

With multiple networking opportunities at ODSC Europe, you are bound to connect with potential employers

What is the Job Fair?

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STEP 2. 

Review Your Matches

Select from the matches we automatically deliver to you or use our Advanced Search function on odsc.com/career to see more. 

Meet The Candidates 

Meet the candidates face-to-face and speak about the skills and experience you’re looking for.

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Connect and Hire

Send personalized interview requests to the strongest candidates, gain consensus across your team and secure hires – all within a fraction of the time. 

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Employers are Seeking:

  • Data Scientists

  • Software Engineers

  • Cyber Security Engineers

  • Web & Mobile Developers

  • Data Science Instructors

  • Machine Learning Engineers

  • Data Visualization Developers

  • Analytics Directors

  • Hadoop Architects

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