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Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Practice

Accelerate AI Keynote Bernard Marr

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Practice image
Bernard Marr
Author & Strategic Advisor
Keynote: Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities 

Accelerate AI keynote Luciano Floridi

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities  image
Luciano Floridi
Professor & Director | Digital Ethics Lab, Oxford Internet Institute University of Oxford
Data Science for Vaccines Research and Development

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence technologies are impacting industries transversally, dynamically transforming personalized marketing and sales, supply chain management forecasting, risk management, fraud detection and predictive maintenance.
The Pharmaceutical Industry is lagging behind the transformation, primarily because of its data structure and of regulatory, legal and privacy limitations.
Paradoxically, while Pharmaceutical Research and Development is the area were transformation is most acutely needed because of the high R&D failure rate and ever-growing development cycle times, R&D is also the most refractory to change do to its highly siloed data.
The pervasive “AI Hype” that promises effortless transformation is faced here with the hard requirements of results interpretability and scientific reproducibility.
We present a Data Science strategy to transform Pharma R&D, taking the specific case study of Vaccines, the most impactful Public Health intervention after clean water.
The proposed Data Strategy is based on four pillars: i) Next Generation Data Management and Governance, ii) Completely redefined, patient-centric Information Management Systems, iii) Science-driven advance analytics and machine learning, iv) organizational evolution through a Data Science competency framework.
The overall framework will be discussed, along with concrete examples of successful application.

Data Science for Vaccines Research and Development image
Dr Medini
Senior Director, Head Data Science and Clinical Systems, Glaxo Smith Kline
AI For Good’ – Fact Or Fiction?

Dr Sybil Wong Vivian Chang discuses how the maturation of AI technologies is the prelude to an unforeseen step change in humankind’s ability to understand and innovate. Leveraging human expertise to train AI can increase the pace of democratization of science by disrupting the way current research and development is performed and communicated. Ful Details.

Accelerating AI Innovation in Banking at Scale

Almost every company in the financial technology sector has already started using AI to improve customer experience, gain better insights, reduce costs, prevent fraud and launch new business models. The opportunities are endless – but how can banks capture these in the best possible way and deliver on the AI promise? Jesper will talk about Nordea’s journey to accelerate AI across the organization and how the company is achieving 10x improvements through AI technologies. Full Details.

Accelerating AI Innovation in Banking at Scale image
Jesper Nordström
AI Strategy & Acceleration, Nordea Bank
Your Brain is too Small to Manage Your Business

90% of the information that exists in the world today has been created in the last two years. Smart companies will certainly exploit the power of the new generation of AI and machine learning tools to generate attributable revenue. But advanced deep learning AI instances will also give humans the power to address what have historically been intractable social and cultural problems. Chris Bishop will speak about how we can do both by smartly partnering with algorithms, bots, and machines. Full Details.

Your Brain is too Small to Manage Your Business image
Christopher Bishop
TEDx Speaker, Chief Reinvention Officer | Improvising Careers
Fuelling the AI Revolution with Gaming

Artificial Intelligence is impacting all areas of society, from healthcare and transportation to smart cities and energy. AI won’t be an industry, it will be part of every industry. Alison’s talk will introduce the hardware and software platform at the heart of this Intelligent Industrial Revolution. She’ll provide insights into how academia, enterprise, and startups are applying AI, as well as offer a glimpse into state-of-the-art research from worldwide labs. Full Details

Fuelling the AI Revolution with Gaming image
Alison Lownde
Making Sense of Twitter @Bloomberg For Finance


Making Sense of Twitter @Bloomberg For Finance image
Edgar Meij, PhD
Team Leader and Senior Data Scientist
The people problem of Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence’s unfulfilled expectation is it’s own worse enemy, and between citizens not understanding what it can do for them, and developers not including them in the process, the technologies are lacking transparency and fairness. All parties need to come together to solve this problem, citizens, regulators, vendors, organizations, and entrepreneurs – for AI’s sake and ours. Full Details.

The people problem of Artificial intelligence image
Hugo Pinto
Managing Director, Accenture Digital
The next step for Data Science

As more and more companies start to have a data science function we also learn the best way to organize and drive the development of data driven products. This talk will teach you some of the best practices from this based on experience from the field. You will hear about what works and what most definitely will lead to failure. Some of the key points touched upon in this talk will be agile development, automation of data science, the value of consumption in production.

The next step for Data Science image
Errol Koolmeister
Director Data Science, Teradata
Engineering Ethical AI and Responsible Use of Data

As AI continues to disrupt industry, the need to ensure trust in intelligent systems becomes a priority. To achieve trust, systems have to be engineered from the ground up to comply with ethical and societal standards that vary in different cultures. Governments and the European Commission have recently published guidelines and frameworks for AI ahead of possible regulation of AI. The talk discussed these requirements in the light of current AI technology, both from a business and research perspective and dives deeper into some possible technical solutions at an abstract level. Full Details.

Engineering Ethical AI and Responsible Use of Data image
Dr Bertie Muller
Chairman, Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour
illumr | Startup Talk

illumr helps its clients to better understand and predict patterns of behavior that affect their organization.

It is a deep-tech enterprise data analytics application using a proprietary methodology based on complex self-organising systems.

illumr is drawn from decades’ worth of academic research and has been shown to derive hypothesis-free insights that all existing analytics tools are blind to.

illumr | Startup Talk image
Jason Lee
Founder & CEO | illumr
Seldon.io | Startup Talk

Seldon.io enables some of the world’s leading businesses to accelerate the adoption of large scale machine learning to help solve their most pressing challenges and shape the future

Seldon.io | Startup Talk image
Alex Housley
Co-Founder and CEO | Seldon.io
Poly-ai | Startup Talk

Poly AI is a London-based company that develops a machine learning platform for conversational artificial intelligence.

Poly-ai | Startup Talk image
Nikola Mrkšić
CEO & Co-founder | PolyAI
Artificial Intelligence : The success for Machines

Dr. Lobna Karoui received the Master Degree on “intelligent systems” from the University Paris Dauphine in 2004. Then, she started her PhD research in the University Paris-Sud Orsay and in the Electrical Higher School in Paris, France. Her research interests include the Artificial Intelligence domain, Machine Learning, cognitive science and semantic web. She obtained her PhD in 2008 and presented her research in AI conferences around the World China, India, United States, Australia, London, etc. Based on the Information technology background, her Artificial Intelligence Research and her leadership, she works on applied research to help companies on developing Artificial Intelligence projects for their business and customers : semantic/ sentimental analysis, knowledge discovery, disruptive services, intelligent agents, cybersecurity. As international Speaker, she is invited in Business Events to talk about AI, Leadership and Business

Artificial Intelligence : The success for Machines image
Dr. Lobna KAROUI
Artificial Intelligence Leader at Société Générale
Tengu.io | Startup Talk

Tengu is a software configuration and automation suite that leverages on the multitude of well-known big data technologies. Tengu offers companies a faster return on investment (ROI) within the ecosystem of big data projects. Real practical benchmarks help decide which setup is most suitable for a company’s needs, lowering the time to get a working and productive big data framework.

Tengu.io | Startup Talk image
Thomas Vanhove, PhD
Co-founder - CEO | Tengu.io
NextQuestion | Startup Talk

Infilling and adjusting your historical baseline data to account for outliers, stock-outs and promotional periods.

NextQuestion | Startup Talk image
Adomas Malaiska
Co-Founder & CEO | NextQuestion
DataSine |Startup Talk

DataSine offers a client segmentation tool combining big data and psychometrics to help financial institutions understand their clients. It seeks to revolutionize the way financial institutions evaluate clients, build portfolios and measure risk.

DataSine |Startup Talk image
Graham Buchanan
Head of Marketing | DataSine
Scale your AI

Data Science at Scale | Machine Learning | Computer Vision | Intermediate | Workshops

This workshop presents the challenges that the industry faces in adopting AI. Specifically, focusing on how to scale AI. We deep dive into training large-scale models, including looking at modeling and infrastructure aspects. While AI research progress has accelerated over the past years, its wide adoption has been hampered due to scaling challenges. In this talk, I will present the challenges that I found during years of academic and industrial experience with machine learning and computer vision. Specifically, I will dive deep into the scaling challenges that industry faces, including scaling expertise, data, computation and algorithms. Full Details.

Scale your AI image
Mohsen Hejrati, PhD
Co-founder, CEO | Clusterone
Personality Matters: Transforming Marketing through AI

Personalised experiences result in happier customers and increased engagement. But true personalisation requires understanding a customer’s personality and communication preferences – from how and when to contact them to the words and images to use – in advance.

Technical limitations have meant that this capability was out of reach for organisations, leaving them with little option but to resort to generic mass communications. Advances in AI and psychology have changed all of this.

Join Igor Volzhanin, CEO at DataSine, to discover:

  • How the thousands of contact points that companies generate every day can be used to predict the preferences and personality of their customers.

  • How modern AI techniques can guide marketing departments in creating experiences that will resonate.

  • How matching content to personality at scale has been able to increase customer engagement by 80%+.

Personality Matters: Transforming Marketing through AI image
Igor Volzhanin
CEO, Datasine
Imputation of protein activity data using deep learning

The knowledge of compound bioactivity data against drug targets underpins the discovery of new drugs. However, databases are currently sparse. We will describe a novel deep learning algorithm to capture correlations within protein activity data, as well as between molecular descriptors and protein activities, to impute the missing activities. Unlike many deep learning methods, this approach is capable of being trained using sparse and variable data, typical of those available in drug discovery.

Imputation of protein activity data using deep learning image
Gareth Conduit
Chief Technical Officer, Intellegens
AI in Business Forecasting: Lessons from Building an Intelligent Cashflow Engine

Fluidly is combining machine learning and financial modeling to define a new approach to financial analysis. In this talk, we will explore how Fluidly’s data scientists have rebuilt financial forecasting from the ground up using a variety of machine learning techniques. We’ll discuss the challenges we faced and the lessons we’ve learned that will help others looking to apply AI to raw company data. We will also discuss the opportunities that are opened up by automating highly manual modeling approaches, such as cash flow and another business forecasting. Full Details

AI in Business Forecasting: Lessons from Building an Intelligent Cashflow Engine image
Johnnie Ball
Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Fluidly
Deploying real time machine intelligence over large scale recruitment processes

Linguistics algorithms in a talent discovery context: applying machine intelligence over large numbers of resumes and job descriptions in real time to identify patterns within the structure and phrasing of language, surfacing relevant people and connecting talent with opportunities at city, country and continent level. The talk will focus on exhibiting embedding of artificial intelligence in existing flows: catering to the talent industry Opening deploys data science at scale, neural networks working in tandem to perform a multitude of business processes faster and with a high degree of accuracy.

Deploying  real time machine intelligence over large scale  recruitment processes image
Adrian Mihai
Co-Founder and CTO, Opening.io
Accelerate AI Panel

Panel Title: Artificial Intelligence; Future Impact on Business & Society


Accelerate AI Panel image
Edgar Meij, PhD
Team Leader and Senior Data Scientist
Accelerate AI Panel image
Abhijit Akerkar
Artificial Intelligence Strategist and Business Integrator | Lloyds Banking Group
Accelerate AI Panel image
Antonio Alvarez
Director of Data Innovation | Santander UK
Accelerate AI Panel image
Dr. Lobna KAROUI
Artificial Intelligence Leader at Société Générale
AI in Banking : Challenges, Opportunities and Future

A practical look at the range of AI techniques applied in the finance space (including RPA, Data Analytics, Chatbots and Machine Learning) exploring the challenges with their adoption in the real-world, but also the opportunities that exist for utilizing them. The final section will look to the future and predict the trends we will see in the coming years taking into account topics such as GDPR, Open Banking and the power of Deep Learning. Full Details.

AI in Banking : Challenges, Opportunities and Future image
Arif Khan
Head of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Capco
Accelerate AI Ends

End of the Day 1 of the Conference

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