London | November 19th–22nd, 2019

Machine Learning & Deep Learning Track

Learn the latest models, advancements and trends from the top practitioners behind two of data science’s hottest topics

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

The Machine Learning & Deep Learning Conference is where experts in the rapidly expanding fields of Deep Learning and Machine Learning gather to discuss the latest advances, trends, and models in this exciting field.

Attend talks, tutorials and workshops and hear from the creators and top practitioners as they demonstrate and teach the latest models and trends in Machine Learning and Deep Learning to solve problems in business and society.

What You'll Learn

Talks & Workshops on these topics:


  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural Networks

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Pattern Recognition

Tools & Languages

  • R

  • Python SciPy, Pandas, etc

  • Scikit-learn

  • Tensorflow

  • Spark

  • MLlib

  • H20

Tools & Languages

  • WEKA

  • Pylearn2

  • Theano

  • Caffe

  • Torch

  • Azure Machine Learning API

  • and many more..

Sample of Confirmed Machine Learning & Deep Learning Presenters

Europe 2018

Andreas Mueller, PhD
Andreas Mueller, PhD

Core Contributor to scikit-learn, Author, Lecturer at Columbia Data Science Institute

Oliver Gindele, PhD
Oliver Gindele, PhD

Head of ML at Datatonic

Jared Lander
Jared Lander

Author, Professor, R Programming Expert at Columbia University

Julien Simon
Julien Simon

Principal Evangelist ML/AI EMEA at Amazon

Olaf de Leeuw
Olaf de Leeuw

Data Scientist at Dataworkz

Michael Schmidt, PhD
Michael Schmidt, PhD

Top 7 Data Scientists by Forbes, Chief Scientist at DataRobot

Emily Watkins
Emily Watkins

AI Solution Architect at Pure Storage

Tsung-Hsien Wen, PhD
Tsung-Hsien Wen, PhD

Chief Scientist at PolyAI

Douglas Ashton, PhD
Douglas Ashton, PhD

Senior Data Scientist at Mango Solutions

Julia Lintern
Julia Lintern

Sr. Data Scientist at Metis

Miguel Gonzalez-Fierro, PhD
Miguel Gonzalez-Fierro, PhD

Sr. Data Scientist at Microsoft

Harish Kashyap
Harish Kashyap

Advisor Board Member at Microsoft

Sergey Shelpuk
Sergey Shelpuk

Head of Data Science Office at Eleks

Dr. Mufajjul Ali
Dr. Mufajjul Ali

Data Solution Architect at Microsoft

Constant Bridon
Constant Bridon

Data Scientist & Consultant at OCTO Technology

Why Attend?

Immerse yourself in talks, tutorials and workshops on Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools, topics, models and advanced trends

Expand your network and connect with like minded attendees to discover how Machine Learning and Deep Learning knowledge can transform not only your data models but also business and career

Meet and connect with the core contributors and top practitioners in the expanding and exciting field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Learn how the rapid rise of intelligent machines is revolutionizing how we make sense of data in the real world and its coming impact on the domains of business, society, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more

Sample Topics from 2017

2018 Schedule coming soon

  • Machine Learning with R
  • Deep Learning with Tensorflow for Absolute Beginners
  • Deep Learning for Developers
  • Small to Big Data and Deep Learning
  • Leveraging Better User Experience through Chatbots
  • Guided Generative Adversarial Neural Network
  • Deep Learning in Keras
  • Distributed Deep Learning on Hops
  • Deep learning with MXnet
  • Recommendation System Architecture and Algorithms

You Will Meet

  • Top speakers and practitioners in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data Scientists and Data Analysts

  • Decision makers

  • Software Developers focused on Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data Science Innovators

  • CEOs, CTOs, CIOs

  • Industry leaders

  • Core contributors in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data Science Enthusiasts

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