Why Volunteer?

Network with some of the best and brightest mind in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence community

Become a valued part of the ODSC community and connect with an incredibly motivated group of data science enthusiasts.

In exchange for volunteering for a day or two, get access to our talks and workshops to learn new skill and advance your data science career

We have many exciting roles to offer, from speaker liason, to attendee ambasitor, and speaker room monitor, and more

Incentives to Volunteer for ODSC

  • Enjoy the ODSC experience by being part of one of the largest data science communities on the planet

  • Get access to one to two full days for free in exchange for volunteering

  • Get access to all networking events during the conference

  • Continue learing post conference with access to the conference video recordings

  • Conect with attendees and company that can help you career via connections or employment

  • Get a behind the scenes access to ODSC and meet some of the top companies and names in data science

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