ODSC Merit-based Scholarship Pass

*Please note that ODSC West 2018 Application is now closed! Please check here for ODSC 2019 scholarships.

ODSC is pleased to offer merit based scholarships to first year graduates, underrepresented groups, and working students who express interest in the Talks and tracks ODSC offers. The form below is used to determine scholarship eligibility. No additional application is required. 

Why Scholarship?

offers access to the biggest conference that gathers attendees, presenters and companies that are working on shaping the present and future of AI and data

fascilitates your growth as an individual in the field of Data Science

Who can apply?

  • Underrepresented groups

  • Work-study college/grad students

  • Recent graduates seeking new opportunities or a career change

  • Local individuals between jobs demonstrating financial need

Please fill out the application form