ODSC Diversity Scholarship Passes

Why Apply for a Scholarship Pass? 

Across technology and AI, diversity in the workforce continues to be an issue.  

At ODSC, diversity, inclusion, and democratization of data science are core values. At each conference we strive to create an inclusive experience, ensuring unrepresented groups feel welcome in the data science community. 

Over the years ODSC has built a diverse and multicultural audience, and every year we continue to work to increase the diversity at our conferences. 

As part of this initiative we are offering a limited amount of scholarships passes for free and discounted passes. Please apply by filling out the form if you would like to be considered for one of our scholarships. The only qualification necessary is a desire to increase your knowledge in the field of data science. 

Please note that travel and other expenses are not covered.

Who Applies?

  • Minorities 

  • Groups underrepresented at technology conference

  • Member of the LGBT community looking to participate in data science or grow their skills

  • Women in technology or seeking a role in the tech or AI industry

  • Work-study college/grad students

  • Unemployed individuals seeking roles in data science

Application Process 

  • Application form opens on September 21 for ODSC West Virtual Conference 2020 

  • Selected candidates will receive email with all details up to 15 days after submitting the form

  • Selected candidates must use their scholarship Pass in the timing provided on email

  • Scholarship Passes must be used for the provided event and can not be transferred