AI Crash Course – Adding ML to Your Projects in an Hour
AI Crash Course – Adding ML to Your Projects in an Hour


In this introductory session, we will be covering the basics of making AI-powered applications, from designing a dataset to making predictions in-app. This session will be primarily focused on using REST APIs to build, deploy, and consume AI output. All samples and source code will be available on GitHub so you can follow along or experiment afterward. You will be encouraged to ask questions during and before the event!

These sessions help attendees learn the fundamentals of AI/ML in the
context of software development
Background knowledge needed: Some software development experience recommended

● Postman or knowledge of `curl`
● Code examples will include JavaScript & Python; basic understanding recommended
● Basic understanding of `git` and github


Peter comes from a technical background as a consultant, founder, and individual contributor on a wide range of software projects for companies large and small, government institutions, and nonprofits. He now works at DataRobot across the organization and with customers to advocate for developers who use DataRobot's products and services, and to ensure that DataRobot is constantly improving its offerings for technical users who are focused on delivering software.