AI Developments and Applications for Healthcare
AI Developments and Applications for Healthcare


Taiwan AI Labs develop the next-generation AI solutions. Our team empowers intelligence for Taiwan healthcare system, smart city solutions and social natural conversations. We leverage Taiwan’s comprehensive medical data and work with doctors and top scientists to solve complex human health problems, including Taiwan AI solutions to fight COVID-19 and federated learning applications in Taiwan.

In the talk, we will cover

1. Introduction of Taiwan AI Labs
2. AI for Precision Health
3. Taiwan AI Solutions to fight COVID-19
4. Health Report App,
5. Taiwan Social Distancing App,
6. AI SARS-CoV-2 Classifier
7. AI virus transmission tracing tools with sequencing and multi-omics data
8. Drug Screening/ Repurposing
9. Variant2literature
10. AI Hospitals
11. Federated Learning


Ethan Tu is a pioneer in Taiwan’s AI industry and the founder of Taiwan’s largest and most popular online bulletin board system PTT. He worked as Microsoft’s Director of Research and Development for AI in the Asia-Pacific Region for 11 years, being one of the main figures in Microsoft’s Cortana development. In 2016, he founded the Taiwan AI Labs, which is a Taipei-based and privately-funded research organization specialized in AI solutions. Since its inception, the team has shown significant results in medical AI/imaging applications, drone applications, Smart City applications, speech recognition, and face recognition, while fostering and retaining local talents.