AI / ML in Retail Engineering & Operational Excellence
AI / ML in Retail Engineering & Operational Excellence


Advancements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Operational Excellence and Retail Engineering. As the volume of monitoring data increases, these same Big Data trends also begin to apply in the context of Enterprise IT Monitoring. It refers to a multi-layered technology platform that automates and enhances IT operations. 
The advancements we have made through AI & ML are allowing us to scale the infrastructure and capacity predictively, accurately highlight these outliers by pinpointing the actual source and help detect anomalies proactively before they impact, identify unexpected and potentially unauthorized and malicious traffic and activity within the infrastructure and much more.


Ravi Kumar BuragapuDirector of Development and Operations EngineeringDigital Platform, AI & Data Science EngineeringStrategic thinker and technology leader with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Systems Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, Infrastructure Architecture, and DevOps Engineering. 
Heading Kohls Engineering and Operations Excellence teams as a hands-on Engineering Director, in design, development and building cutting edge strategies for AI, Engineering Innovations and Operational excellence.