Deep Learning in 10 Minutes or Less with AutoML
Deep Learning in 10 Minutes or Less with AutoML


AutoML is coming to deep learning. Traditional deep learning models would take data scientists weeks to code and tune. Learn how to take multimodal datasets, mixing of tabular and unstructured data (images, audio, video), and create accurate deep learning models in under 10 minutes with DataRobot. AutoML lets users have access to the latest frameworks like Keras, but with a push of a button be able to access transparent interpretability tools like feature impact, partial dependence, and prediction explanations. In this session, we will reveal some recent breakthroughs in deep learning and walk through some detailed examples from data to deployment.


Emily Webber is a Data Scientist with DataRobot. Her background is originally in neuroscience, but changed fields to data science after completing her postdoctoral fellowship. She took an assistant directorship at a large non-profit and built custom machine learning models to raise money for biomedical research and hasn’t looked back since. Emily’s passion is to help people understand and use their data to solve problems.

Platform Prerequisite 

To facilitate the hands-on sessions, we are delighted to announce that DataRobot, our diamond partner, is providing hands-on session attendees with free access to their AI platform. 

Many of our workshops  and tutorials will utilize the AI Platform for instruction and collaboration. It automates the end-to-end process for building, deploying, and maintaining AI at scale and also provides feature engineering, auto model evaluation, and advanced machine learning techniques. It comes preloaded with models and datasets so you can get started prior to the event.  Please note: YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO GET FREE ACCESS to the AI Platform