End to End Modeling and Machine Learning
End to End Modeling and Machine Learning


Effective predictive modeling projects follow the analytics life cycle, from data and discovery to deployment and decisions. Data scientists use a variety of tools, both commercial and open-source, to collaborate and develop enterprise applications of analytics and artificial intelligence. SAS Viya provides a unified platform to perform all these from one graphical user interface or through programming APIs. In this workshop, you will load data into memory, prepare input variables for modeling and build complex analytics pipelines to demonstrate powerful machine learning models. Need to integrate open source models? No problem. We’ll show you how you to do that and deploy any model. Then you can save and package the best performing model for deployment while keeping the ability to retrain it on new data.

● SAS;
● R;
● Python;



Jordan Bakerman holds a PhD in statistics from North Carolina State University. His dissertation centered on using social media to forecast real world events, such as civil unrest and influenza rates. As an intern at SAS, Jordan wrote the SAS Programming for R Users course for students to efficiently transition from the R to SAS using a cookbook style approach. As an employee, Jordan has developed courses demonstrating how to integrate open source software within SAS products. He is passionate about statistics, programming, and helping others become better statisticians.