GDPR in Action: Does it Work?
GDPR in Action: Does it Work?


In 2018, companies faced massive pressure to handle private data in
the European Union carefully. This was triggered by the new E.U. data
privacy regulations, called GDPR.

We will show that implementing these requirements to do business in
Europe turned out to be much simpler than expected.
For this, we will give real life insight accompanied by legal
expertise on how we implemented GDPR requirements concretely at
Digital Farming. We are part of the BASF group which is the largest
chemical company in the world.

Answers to these questions will be your key takeaways:
* Why is GDPR fitting the needs for data privacy?
* What is my risk, if I do not ensure GDRP compliance?
* How do I implement GDPR requirements efficiently?
* Why do Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook promote GDPR as a blueprint regulation for the US?

Besides business, Geoffrey Hinton and other scientific leaders
stressed that data handling regulations are urgently needed. We will
argue that GDPR provides an important puzzle piece, in order to make
sure that data is used for the good.
We will also talk about the echoes of GDPR in US, Canada, and Brazil,
but our focus will be on E.U. Data privacy regulations.

The speakers work together on a Data Science program to enhance
farmers worldwide in their decision making.
Dr. Volker Hadamschek is an AI quality manager and Reinhold Beckmann a
lawyer, specialized in GDPR regulations internationally.
Reinhold and Volker are experienced speakers - latest appearance at
the German CIO-Congress in Duesseldorf, Germany, and at other
international conferences, e.g. in Moscow on GDPR compliance.


Volker is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Software Quality Assurance. After studying physics at the University of Bonn, Volker finished a PhD at the Research Centre Juelich, Germany. He has been working for more than 13 years in international life science companies, fulfilling several IT roles. Currently, his focus is the implementation of AI based computer vision algorithms for farmers on a global scale. Since 2018, he is moreover Data Privacy Coordinator at BASF Digital Farming GmbH.