Generative AI, Autonomous AI Agents, and AGI – How new Advancements in AI will Improve the Products we Build


This engaging workshop provides a hands-on journey into the world of Generative AI and Autonomous Agents, crucial building blocks towards achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Participants will delve into the transformative shift in AI, gaining insights into the revolutionary impact of Generative AI across various domains such as text, image, video, and 3D object generation, as well as data augmentation. The workshop will equip attendees with cutting-edge tools to substantially boost their AI capabilities and efficiency. A key feature of the session is a practical exercise in crafting an Autonomous AI Agent, a technology poised to work in synergy with us in the near future. This succinct yet thorough workshop is tailored for those eager to maintain a competitive edge in the swiftly advancing field of AI.

Session Outline

Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Generative AI
This module will provide a comprehensive introduction to Generative AI. Participants will learn about the paradigm shift in AI and the transformative role of Generative AI in various domains. By the end of this module, attendees will have a solid understanding of Generative AI, including its applications in text, image, video, and 3D object generation, as well as data augmentation.

Module 2: Embracing the New Way of Working in the Generative AI Era
This module will delve into the transformative ways of working ushered in by the Generative AI era. Participants will explore a variety of advanced tools and methodologies that not only enhance productivity but also foster innovation and collaboration in AI-related tasks. The session will also cover strategies for integrating these tools into daily workflows, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and adapting to the dynamic AI landscape. By the end of this module, attendees will be well-versed in the new work paradigms of the AI era and equipped to leverage these for optimal efficiency and innovation.

Module 3: Autonomous AI Agents: Your Future Co-workers
In this module, participants will delve into the world of Autonomous AI Agents. They will learn about the development and applications of these agents, and how they are poised to work alongside us in the near future. The module will also include a hands-on experience in developing an Autonomous AI Agent, providing participants with practical skills in this emerging field.

Module 4: Future Trends in AI
This final module will provide a wrap-up of the key learnings from the workshop. It will also look ahead to future trends in AI, helping participants to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. By the end of this module, attendees will have a clear understanding of the current state of AI and its potential future developments.

Learning objectives:
1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI and its applications.
2. Learn about the new work methodologies and tools in the Generative AI era.
3. Grasp the concept of data generation and augmentation in the context of Generative AI.
4. Gain insights into how to implement Generative AI (e.g. LLMs) in your organisation.
5. Comprehend the future role of Autonomous AI Agents.
6. Stay updated with the latest trends and future developments in AI.
7. Learn to adapt to the dynamic changes in the AI landscape.

- Midjourney
- LLMs e.g. via ChatGPT, BARD
- Open-Source LLMs
- AutoGPT, SuperAGI, etc.
- Langchain
- and more

Background Knowledge:

- There are no strict prerequisites for this workshop, making it accessible to anyone interested in AI.
- Having some coding knowledge would be beneficial but not mandatory, as the workshop is designed to be comprehensive and understandable even for beginners.
- Participants are required to bring their own computers to facilitate hands-on learning and participation in interactive sessions.


Long before the buzz surrounding generative AI, Martin Musiol was already advocating for its significance in 2015. Since then, he has been a frequent speaker at conferences, podcasts, and panel discussions, addressing the technological advancements, practical applications, and ethical considerations of generative AI. Martin Musiol is a founder of, a lecturer on AI to over 3000 students, and publisher of the newsletter 'Generative AI: Short & Sweet'. As the lead for GenAI Projects in Europe at Infosys Consulting (previously at IBM), Martin Musiol helps companies globally harness the power of generative AI to gain a competitive advantage. -> and his webpage:

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