How Does Data Automation Change Working Lives?
How Does Data Automation Change Working Lives?


Technology is not meant to replace humans but to augment the way we work. Productivity and the business’ bottom line remain the priority, but while technology is advancing rapidly, our understanding of workplace happiness and work/life balance is only just starting to catch up. We are beginning to understand that working smart is more valuable than working long hours at a low level, as the repetition and longevity of manual techniques often lead to burnout and human error.

Data Automation is a prime example of how technology not only increases our output but also changes our approach to the traditional working day. It can be the catalyst not only for quicker, more accurate BI, but for a holistic transformation of our working lives.


Torgil Hellman is the Chief Architect at WhereScape and has a deep knowledge and solid experience of e-commerce solutions. He has a rare understanding of both the technology and the business processes involved which makes him excellent as interface between senior operatives and system developers. He has over 10 years experience of developing e-commerce solutions and content managing applications in international environment.