Just You and AI: How a Business Leader Learned AI
Just You and AI: How a Business Leader Learned AI


Do you have the desire to understand and use AI, but are unsure where to start? Edward Young was in the same position just a few years ago. He created his own path to learn AI and had some fits and starts along the way, but today he can spot use cases, help work through complex data issues, and move with ease between the data science and business teams within his organization. Ed’s story will inspire and empower you to get started and upskill yourself into a critical position within your current organization or the next.
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Edward M. Young is the director of Advanced Analytics at FCA Fiat Chrysler. Although most of his career history is with accounting and finance positions for several leading companies, over time, Ed recognized the power that advanced technology could bring to business and he began to pursue his interest in predictive analytics. Today, Ed leads a team of data scientists on important business questions and is extending the reach of AI to 25 business analysts within his organization.