Machine Learning with Spark
Machine Learning with Spark


Today, analytics and machine learning has become the next big leap for digitally transformed organizations or those undergoing the transformation phase. One of the main challenges is the ever-
growing amount of data, how to handle it efficiently and generating value from the data in a quick and inexpensive manner.
The Spark engine and the Databricks tool are accelerators which enable quick and easy development and deployment of machine learning and streaming analytics use cases. Apart from being the powerhouse of Analytics and AI today, these tools have reduced the amount of time required to deploy infrastructure and applications.


Aditya is a tech enthusiast with more than 7 years of experience across various technologies in data science, machine learning, deep learning and computer vision. He has completed his Masters in Data Science from the National University of Singapore. He has worked across various domains including automotive, banking, retail among others consulting various clients around the globe. He is a true believer of ‘You got to see it work to know it works’ and sets goals towards achieving the same in any of the endeavours he undertakes. Being highly inclined towards technology, he founded Xaltius Pte. Ltd in Singapore which has a major focus on building solutions in Data Science and AI and educating students and professionals in the same areas. He also founded Code for India which specializes in delivering top notch skills in Data Science and AI as required in the industry today. Apart from work, he loves to engage with kids and get involved in social work.